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Why Is America Exporting Its Racial Politics?

Why is a public school in France renaming itself after Rosa Parks? Let us stipulate that Rosa Parks was an admirable lady. Why should the Grand Est regional council, when it consolidated the Lycée Jean-Baptiste Colbert and the Lycée Sophie Germain, choose to rename the combined school not after the 17th-century statesmen, not after the pioneering female mathematician, but after an activist from Alabama who had nothing to do with France?

Is the Left Finally Learning to Care About the Federal Bootheel?

Reading Vox is like going to a puppet show, then waking up to a review recommending everybody go and see the fine stage play that’s just gone up downtown. I was there, you might say. I’m sure I saw a hand up Raggedy Ann’s posterior. This being a perverse thing to say about the button-eyed Tony winner, insisting you saw what you saw doesn’t go over well.

Shutdowns for Small Business, Windfall Profits for Megacorporations

Corporate media and critics of President Trump—the same thing, actually—debate whether “re-opening the economy too soon caused the virus to rage out of control.” While there is ample evidence the virus is not raging out of control, there is even more evidence “the economy” did not shut down.

A Changing of the Guard at the Trump Campaign

A brash, New York-area figure may soon make a Republican run for president. 

He has a past record as a liberal on social issues, but it seems plausible that a smack-talking, self-assured pol could match the moment: the party needs a fighter. Recovering from an economic near-depression, the character’s righteous indignation will serve as a substitute for fire and brimstone politics in the classic sense—all while keeping in lockstep with a frustrated business wing wary of national decline.

Want to Fight Racism? Let’s Cancel Planned Parenthood

It’s 2020, baby. Names are getting scraped from buildings, statues are toppling, a bunch of stuff is catching fire, and you could get canceled tomorrow. A new day has dawned. We can giddily destroy even the dead on the guillotine of moral indignation. And with each head that rolls, an understanding grows that all people, living or otherwise, can be condemned and done away with should they not meet the fresh, improved ethos of the Great Progressive Edict. Nothing and nobody is safe in our quest to sanitize our scatological society. Not even, it appears, Margaret Sanger.

The ‘Liberal Order’ That Never Was

There is a story that members of the foreign policy establishment tell us and themselves when they need to ward off criticisms of the current U.S. role in the world and suppress doubts about the wisdom of current U.S. strategy. The story is a triumphalist one that describes how a high-minded superpower benevolently shaped and “led” the world for seventy years, and how, despite a few minor deviations here and there, it brought peace and stability.