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Reddit is a Window Into the American Nightmare

The Internet, among other things, is a compendium of human nature; an emergent portrait of everything that we are. Discussion forums in particular, most especially Reddit, are an endless encyclopedia encompassing all of humanity’s creativity, kindness, brutality, eccentricity, and boredom. Reddit can occasionally inspire, and the right corners of the site can teach you a lot, but it often demonstrates what kind of person you don’t want to be—or what kind of person you might have been, had different circumstances intervened.

No, Iran Won’t Have a Nuclear Bomb ‘in a Matter of Months’

As Iran puts the final nail in its nuclear agreement with the West, hyperbolic headlines have warned that the Islamic Republic could have a nuclear weapon “within months.” Politicians have said it, pundits have repeated it, and hawkish national security experts proclaim it with barely disguised excitement.

Governors Lose in the Year of the Democratic Senator

Remember the 2016 Republican presidential primary? Given the towering levels of self-medication required to get me through a 27-person CNN debate, I certainly don’t. But those in the know inform me that one of the major issues early on was whether to nominate a senator or a governor. The senators that year were the cream of the Tea Party class, freshmen with innovative ideas unafraid to stray from what had been the GOP party line.