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Pompeo’s Declaration of Cold War With China

Mike Pompeo declared the start of a new Cold War with China last week. The Secretary of State delivered an extremely hawkish speech on China at the Nixon Presidential Library in which he called for a “new alliance of democracies” to pursue a hostile anti-China policy. Everything about the speech, from the title to the criticism of Nixon’s opening to China, was an attempt to revive early Cold War-era antagonism.

Go Big on COVID Relief, or Get Thrown Out of Power

It would be a fitting denouement for the Republican Party’s brief flirtation with populism to find itself chained to a bunch of supply-side dinosaurs and thrown out of office in five months by an American people whose demands for relief they failed, out of a sense of free-market purism, to adequately respond to. That’s the direction we’re heading at the moment.

Do All Men Need Therapy?

If you have an account on Twitter you have probably noticed that a lot of women have an unhealthy obsession with the idea that all or most men should be in therapy.

Here is a small selection of recent posts: “I want society to normalize men going to therapy”, “men are so difficult, get therapy”, “all men need therapy”, “Men need therapy….”, “men, hardcore music is not your therapy; it’s just a coping mechanism. please go to therapy.”

Democratic Platform Promises a Biden Return to Iran Nuke Deal

The Democratic party unveiled a platform for the national convention that would formally catapult Joe Biden to the race to the White House. They hope to do this, in part, on a foreign policy plank that largely hews to the “ending forever wars” mantra that was made popular by Democratic candidates Tulsi Gabbard and Bernie Sanders during the early debates.