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Want to Experience Local Culture? Get Out of the Hotel Clones

When you walk out of your hotel room and see a brazier of delicious-smelling frankincense burning in the corridor—the Dar Es Salam in Djibouti City—or immediately find eyes like hot coals gazing at you through a slit in a niqab face veil—the Oriental in Hargeisa, Somaliland—you know you are in the right place.

Even with all the marvels of modern transportation at our beck and call, most of us don’t usually go anywhere different. Even if you fly halfway around the world, it’s too easy to find yourself at the same place as where you began.

Our Individualistic West

Almost a decade ago, I attended a counterterrorism conference paneled by several academic experts on Islamic terrorism. During the host’s introductory remarks, he made what he thought was an uncontroversial comment: that those raised in predominantly Muslim, non-Western cultures think differently and see the world differently than those in the West. “Excuse me!” one of the experts interrupted, obviously offended.

Can Democrats Use the Impeachment Loss to Their Advantage?

Republicans succeeded in keeping witnesses out of the Senate impeachment trial on Friday—maybe Democrats should count their blessings.

Which is a better position to run with going into November: that the Senate held an open, fair impeachment trial complete with witnesses, was unconvinced, and acquitted Trump? Or that the Republican controlled Senate held a “show trial” and kept witnesses out?

The Senate voted 51-49 against witnesses, with Senators Susan Collins and Mitt Romney the only Republicans voting with Democrats.

Yes, School Choice is Disruptive. That’s the Point

The public education system doesn’t look like it did two decades ago. In addition to dealing with ambitious and failed federal accountability programs such as No Child Left Behind and Common Core, schools have also had to weather financial storms wrought by shrinking student populations and unstable revenues following the Great Recession. In the eyes of some who defend the public education system, the significant expansion of school choice programs over this period have only made pressures worse.

The Pennsylvania Valley That Became a Bellwether for Trump

It’s tempting to think that Pennsylvania’s political map is settled in this presidential election year. And it’s true that the state’s northeastern and southwestern coal regions, once Democratic, are set to reward Donald Trump again. Philadelphia’s “collar” counties, meantime, will continue their Republican purge.

The Best Way to Deal With Ukraine? Get Out

Whether President Trump tried to withhold congressionally appropriated aid to coerce the Ukrainian government into doing his personal bidding is one question. Whether he should be removed from office for it is another. But distinct from both those conversations—and deserving separate interrogation regardless of our views on Trump and his impeachment trial—is the matter of how the United States should relate to Ukraine. 

Celebrating the Millennial Dad’s New Masculinity

Go to any family-friendly place and you’ll see them. They are men in their late 20s to early 40s, pushing strollers, wearing backpacks full of baby supplies, and sometimes sporting baby carriers with infants tucked inside. Many of them have beards, wear baseball caps, and proudly flaunt their dad bods. They call their kids “buddy” as they hover over them.

Grading the Pentagon’s Joint Vision 2020—20 Years Later

Twenty years ago, with considerable fanfare, the Pentagon published its blueprint for sustaining American military supremacy. The title of the document was “Joint Vision 2020: America’s Military – Preparing for Tomorrow.With that tomorrow having now arrived, this may be an opportune moment for assessing the accuracy of the Pentagon’s vision.