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Remembering Jon Basil Utley: Our Champion and Yours

Jon Basil Utley, a friend of The American Conservative and so many individuals too numerous to count, passed away Friday, according to his wife Ana. In my last phone call with him on Thursday, March 12, I learned he had been undergoing chemotherapy. This was his second bout with cancer in a handful of years. He was 86 years old.

No to Wasteful Coronavirus Stimulus, Yes to Social Insurance

It all began in December of last year when a hospital in Wuhan, the most populous city in Central China, reported a number of pneumonia cases of unknown origin. A few days later, on January 8, a new virus, which was later named by the World Health Organization as COVID-19 or just the coronavirus, was identified as the cause.

Defense Giant Boeing Thinks Aerospace Needs a $60 Billion Bailout

As Main Street America struggled with the shaky recovery since the 2008 recession, one sector of the economy bounced back with vigor: the arms industry. In fact, U.S. arms and military hardware sales went up 23 percent between 2015 to 2019 compared to the same period of time between 2010 to 2014. This growth has mainly been boosted by exports to Gulf States in the Middle East.

Liberty and the Coronavirus: Not An Either/Or Proposition

It’s always difficult during a crisis for the government to address problems effectively while guarding against potential collateral damage to the freedoms Americans take for granted. That dilemma has become acute with the current coronavirus outbreak and the measures being taken to stem it. No one should doubt that this pandemic is a worrisome problem. Not only is the virus highly contagious, the mortality rate (especially among elderly victims and those with underlying health problems) is substantially higher than with influenza or similar diseases.

The Great Recession Destroyed My Life. Fear Over the Coronavirus Won’t

The great recession destroyed my life.

Over just a few weeks in late 2008, the small business that I’d worked for years to build was crushed and forced to close. My full-time job in telecommunications was gutted and my salary was cut in half.

Bills were going late, collections agents were calling. I gained 30 pounds thanks to stress and entered a deep depression. It was as if the whole world I’d built for myself and my wife for over a decade had been swept away in less than a month.