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Rejoicing Over the Fall of the Houston Astros’ Cheating Architect

Author’s Note: Dwight Twilley, the power-pop genius out of Tulsa, Oklahoma, etched into the run-off groove of one of his albums the notation “Recorded Before the Nuclear War.” I suppose for the next month or two online pieces drawn from print magazines will bear the prefatory note “Written Before the Coronavirus and National Lockdown.” As this was.

With Grocery Shortages, Resilient Places Support Local Agriculture

Grocery stores across the United States emptied out this past week, after news regarding the rampant spread of Covid-19 frightened consumers and urged them to stock up on their staples. Now supermarkets are scrambling to restock their shelves. Federal USDA officials and agribusinesses—including meat inspectors, retailers, distributors, and farm groups—are assuring concerned Americans that our food supply is “holding steady,” despite stress from increased demand.

Italy’s Health Care is in Triage, as the EU Sits on Its Hands

It was the last weekend of February when Dario Leone realized matters had taken a turn for the worse.

“I was at my village bar when government ordered all schools closed, along with almost every social place, such as pubs, theaters, and gyms,” recalled Leone, 35. “The government and the political parties have worked hard to protect the population, but there were still many people who insist on going to happy hours and on holidays, even after everything that’s happened. Some still don’t believe coronavirus is real!”

Remembering Jon Basil Utley: Our Champion and Yours

Jon Basil Utley, a friend of The American Conservative and so many individuals too numerous to count, passed away Friday, according to his wife Ana. In my last phone call with him on Thursday, March 12, I learned he had been undergoing chemotherapy. This was his second bout with cancer in a handful of years. He was 86 years old.