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Malcolm Muggeridge’s Rejection of the Flesh

Malcolm Muggeridge is principally known for having made a star out of Mother Teresa in the West. This he did 50 years ago, when she became the subject of a television interview he spearheaded in 1968. Following the interview, Muggeridge featured the Albanian missionary in a documentary titled Something Beautiful for God, which later became a book in 1971. There Muggeridge documented in radiant terms Mother Teresa’s humanitarian work in the Kalighat Home of the Dying.

Public School Sex-Ed’s Descent Into Madness

On June 14, the school board of Fairfax County Public Schools (FCPS), the tenth largest school division in the United States, will convene and likely approve a number of changes to its sex-ed program, including replacing the term “biological sex” with “sex assigned at birth,” teaching that children aren’t born male or female, minimizing the role of abstinence, and excising clergy from a list of “trusted adults.” Although I am a product of FCPS

In Afghanistan, Hoping the 17th General is the Charm

Lieutenant General Austin “Scott” Miller is the quintessential United States Army officer. He is extraordinarily dedicated, intensely focused on the missions assigned to him, and very brave.

Unfortunately, all that superior experience may be lost on his next mission: command of all U.S. and coalition forces in Afghanistan, a graveyard not only of empires, but American military strategy, policy, and diplomacy over the last 17 years.

Roseanne’s Profound Ingratitude

As anyone with Internet access or a television has probably learned by now, Roseanne Barr’s red-hot revival—which was the lynchpin of ABC’s 2018-19 upfronts with untold mega-millions in pre-sold ad billings and the number three show of the last season—was summarily canceled after she made a particularly outrageous (and since deleted) tweet calling former Obama senior aide Valerie Jarrett the love child of “Muslim Brotherhood and Planet of the Apes.”

Police Officers Don’t Need Hate Crime Protections

Tensions between police and African Americans are higher than they’ve been in a long time. The Black Lives Matter movement believes racist law enforcement is singling out blacks. The Blue Lives Matter movement see a war on cops being waged across the country.

Now the police officers and their supporters have announced a new plan to fight back. They’re asking Congress to pass the Protect and Serve Act, arguing that Black Lives Matter has put police officers’ lives at greater risk.