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Trump Should Get Out of NATO Now, But Nicely

According to Politico, the American delegation to the illustrious Munich Security Conference—the security counterpart to the elite World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland—was apparently “dumbfounded” by the hostile reaction they received from European speakers, including French President Emmanuel Macron and German President Frank-Walter Steinmeier.

The Military Won’t Save Men From ‘Doritos and Porn’

Not long ago, I read a young social media warrior contemplate his periodic dream of joining the U.S. Navy to avoid what he calls the “Doritos and porn” purposelessness of youth. The first time, right after high school, he’d considered it for the “purpose, order, meaning” it would bring him amid his depression.

Which One of These Candidates Can Beat Trump?

On a Tuesday night in New Hampshire in February, Peter Buttigieg, the 38-year-old, former mayor of South Bend, Indiana, congratulated his principal rival on “a strong showing.” Buttigieg had essentially just finished second in a consecutive contest, edged out again by a Vermont socialist, Bernie Sanders, more than twice his age and quadruply as popular among Buttigieg’s own age demographic.

With Michael Bloomberg, Capital Strikes Back

Capital, woke or not, has woken up. That is, the surge of Bernie Sanders has provoked the plutocracy—mostly clustered these days in the Democratic Party—to take up arms against the democratic socialist. So now it’s Michael Bloomberg, his money, his fans—and his hired guns—in league against the hard left. Why, it’s a veritable counter-revolution from above, aimed at crushing revolution from below.

Will the 2020 Candidates End Our Pointless Wars?

The cost of Washington’s endless wars fall most heavily on those who suffer under American bombs and drones. Yet the plight of foreigners is rarely mentioned. When asked about a half million Iraqi babies killed by American economic sanctions, then-UN ambassador Madeleine Albright famously replied: “We think the price is worth it.”

Tulsi’s Populist ‘Country-First’ Anti-War Crusade

Is there a better time for a presidential townhall than on President’s Day? And is there a better place than the Old Town Hall in the heart of Fairfax, Virginia? Built in 1900, this small, neoclassical-styled building, with wood pillars sprouting from floor to ceiling in the middle of its main room, brings to mind the same communal assemblies that the Old Dominion was founded on 400 years ago.