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Corporations Hyping BLM Fail Us in Every Other Way

Over the past weeks, we have been endlessly inundated with the same three words: “Black Lives Matter.” We hear them every day, on every media platform. Those words are spray-painted on buildings, streets and monuments across the country. We’ve also witnessed a parade of elite corporations vocally and financially supporting the Black Lives Matter movement.

Conservatism Defends the Natural Order

American conservatism has, to its detriment, defined itself by what it’s against ever since William F. Buckley, Jr. described it as standing athwart history yelling stop. It was a neat turn of phrase in a polemical essay he wrote for the inaugural issue of National Review. Unfortunately, it encouraged many who followed him to believe that conservatism’s central project is to stop things. That’s wrong and it reveals a movement that has not been serious about governing.

We Knew It Was Coming: The Last Stage of Empire is Now

Over the holiday weekend the United States turned 244 years old. Time flies. But is this old for a nation? Do nations have lifespans like organisms? Aren’t ideas and principles immortal? It’s natural to speak of our nation as something that will continue indefinitely, long beyond our mortal existence. But a crucial distinction must be made: America was a nation in 1776; today she is an empire. Therefore, one could ask: do empires have lifespans?

René Girard and the Roots of Racism

Not long ago my Republican Senator from South Carolina, Tim Scott, spoke about the racism he experienced as an African American. Although he has been a United States Senator for over five years, and despite wearing a lapel pin identifying him as a Senator, he reported being stopped by Senate security who requested additional identification while his white colleagues were waved through.