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The Cost of Being an Entirely Bourgeois Nation

For the first six months of our marriage, my wife and I have settled on a little patch of rural Michigan while she finishes her master’s degree. Folks here were hit hard by the collapse of American industry: one out of every three of our neighbors lives below the poverty line. The town is welfare-dependent, and it shows: the local Walmart is filled with overweight men and women hollering at their three unruly towheads. They never change out of their pajamas, but they drive souped-up F-150s, blaring the radios day and night, though 10 p.m. to 2 a.m. seems to be rush hour.

Elizabeth Wurtzel, Trad

Elizabeth Wurtzel died last month. She was the author of Prozac Nation, a memoir both insightful and infuriating, which she published in 1994 when she was only 27. The book is an unflinching tour through the psyche of that most 1990s of types, the depressed child of divorcees, born into “privilege” and staring into the void. It’s also obsessed with itself to an almost unseemly degree, hyper-focusing on the author’s every tic and stumble until all but she can’t help but look away.

The Case for Libertarian Lawsuit Reform

Contrary to popular belief, the best way to ensure that workers enjoy good wages and working conditions is a policy of maximum free markets.

Government laws and regulations “protecting” workers raise the price of labor, causing many employers to refrain from expanding their workforces. The result is that workers have fewer alternatives and thus less bargaining power. If one wants to be truly pro-worker, one should be against the Department of Labor’s continuing abuse of its power (and the court system) to harass employees.

Cuomo and the Urbanites Are Squeezing Rural New York to Death

This is the time of year when every day seems to bring a new outrage out of Albany.

Governor Andrew Cuomo wants to shift more state-mandated Medicaid expenses to counties; he intends to rob local municipalities of revenue from casinos in their communities; he seeks to burden small businesses, already struggling with high taxes and costly regulations, with mandatory guaranteed sick leave.