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MAFA: Make America Fun Again

Nothing is fun anymore.

And this isn’t nostalgia, some 1500 words which amount to get off my lawn. Lawns used to be fun. You’d sit on them, play lawn games on them. Now they’re part of the defensive perimeter around your home to help protect your family. But having a family is no fun; America ranked second to last among industrialized nations, behind even Bulgaria and Chile, as a place to raise children.

Meet the New Puritan, Same As the Old Puritan

It helps a little—just a teeny-weeny bit?—to reflect there’s nothing new under the sun. As with America’s latest puritan episode: tight lips, smoldering eyes, icy rage against human hindrances to realization of the truth as apprehended by—who else?—the puritans themselves. We’ve been there a number of times before, and here we go again.

Keeping Children Out of Jail is ‘Main Street’ Conservatism

Nothing about this year has been normal. Today, we’re facing a global pandemic, mass protests over racial injustice, and an economic recession. The young people in our juvenile justice system have not been exempted from these changes; cases have been delayed, and juvenile courts have temporarily closed or gone virtual.