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Can Bernie Sanders Break the Stephenson-McGovern Curse?

There’s a clear cycle—and thus a kind of predictability—to Democratic nomination contests such as this one, and that bodes well for Senator Bernie Sanders. 

The cycle is this: when the Democrats lose the White House (as they did in 2016), the grassroots activists—outside the Beltway, beyond the control of the Democratic establishment—seize the initiative. 

Why Germany Should Invite Its Nationalists Into Government

The political center is shrinking in the Federal Republic of Germany. Former communists already have insinuated their way into state government. Members of the right-wing Alternative for Germany (AfD) are attempting to follow suit. The latter’s efforts have set off much caterwauling on the left, but such hypocritical attempts to denounce and isolate the AfD—to enforce a political cordon sanitaire—will only make the party more extreme.

Tick Tock: Iraqi Leader Still Under Pressure to Boot U.S. Forces

In the aftermath of a deadly American airstrike that killed Iranian Quds Force commander Qassem Soleimani and an Iraqi militia commander, Iraq demanded the immediate removal of American forces. In the wake of a series of anti-government protests that forced the resignation of Iraq’s interim prime minister and ushered in a period of political instability and division, Baghdad backed off the request, leaving a withdrawal deal to be negotiated by Iraq’s new leader.

Fresh From Victory, the Sandernistas Ready for Tough Slog

MANCHESTER, N.H. – Among the Sandernistas, the mood for most of last night was guarded hope. Damp and cold in a 90-minute line that snaked hundreds of yards to Southern New Hampshire University’s fieldhouse, Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders’ partisans talked proudly about knocking on doors—150,000 of them on Saturday alone, the proud haul of Sanders’ vaunted ground game in the first in the nation primary. After Iowa’s mess though, no Sanders supporter I spoke to was totally sanguine.

The Latest Feminist Idea is 1984 Meets The Office

One minute you are contemplating your next vacation, the next you click on Facebook and see adverts for hotels and cheap flights. Coincidence? Surely. But what about that smart speaker in your kitchen? It doesn’t just play music and provide an on-demand weather forecast. It hears about the groceries that need replenishing, the cat’s trip to the vet, and, of course, your vacation plans.

How Surveillance Capitalism Targets the Vulnerable

Surrounded by chips, dip, beer, and some delicious chicken chili, I tuned in to the Super Bowl excited to see not only the game but whatever meme-worthy commercials corporate America had dreamed up. Among those was an ad for Google Home, a smart speaker and voice assistant. In it, an elderly gentleman spoke with his Google Home about his deceased wife Loretta, asking the device to remind him of their favorite memories, show him old photos and home videos of their time together, and even play their favorite movie Casablanca.

The Irresistible King Farouk

Consider a Middle Eastern country. Its most powerful man is a firm patriot exceedingly popular with the masses, profoundly skeptical of communism, and entirely capable of befriending America if only his better instincts can be appealed to. Treated by Washington with some sort of respect, he could be a useful national rallying point against the Soviet hazard. But such far-sightedness is altogether too much for mischief-making spooks to contemplate. Within months he has been hurled from power, leaving a legacy of detestation for America and all its works that endures almost 70 years on.