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The World Health Organization is Out of Control 

As the United Nations’ dedicated public health agency, one might assume that the World Health Organization (WHO) is doing everything in its power to fight the deadly coronavirus. Unfortunately, the lavishly taxpayer-funded global bureaucracy has fallen down on the job, seeming more concerned with vindicating China than providing leadership to the rest of the world.

Don’t Play Identity Politics Games With Veterans

After leaving the army in 2010, I headed to journalism school in Austin. There, I couldn’t get enough of cycling around in the Texas sunshine, my military uniform replaced by shorts, T-Shirt, flip-flops, and a new life of easygoing abandon. That said, if I came to a halt behind a bus or a truck, I couldn’t resist inhaling the exhaust fumes. The delicious smell reminded me of Delta-30 turning over its engines as it idled on the tank park.

Is Viktor Orbán Using the Pandemic to Impose Dictatorial Rule?

Of all the dire predictions made at the outset of the Trump presidency, the idea that the United States had just elected a would-be dictator was always the most implausible. Corruption, mismanagement, and sycophantism were predictable features of a Trump administration, but a man who cannot stop himself from tweeting is an unlikely tyrant.

In a Crisis, Humanism Trumps First Principles Every Time

Here in Old Town Alexandria, there is a white paper in every restaurant window. It announces that this establishment is closed, same as the one next door, and the next. Garlands of these sheets stretch down typically bustling blocks; peek past them into windows and you see ghostly dining areas with chairs atop tables. Virginia Governor Ralph Northam ordered the shuttering of all dine-in restaurants last week, and Old Town’s King Street, a major thoroughfare of lively boutiques and eateries housed in preserved 19th-century storefronts, has been rendered almost lifeless.

China’s Long Tentacles Extend Deep Into American Media

One unfortunate casualty of media consolidation could be the objectivity of news at a time of rising tensions with China. According to Gallup, public approval of the media’s response to the coronavirus pandemic is the lowest out of the nine institutions surveyed, the only net negative on the list. Many more Americans approve of the president’s response.