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The Blob Lashes Out At Critics of Endless War

America has pursued the same foreign policy for almost two decades, and the results aren’t good. In Afghanistan, for example, the Taliban controls the same area of land it held a decade ago. By most metrics, things are getting worse, and there is no end in sight. But instead of admitting its failure and changing course, Washington’s foreign policy establishment insists there is no option but the status quo—and then demands its critics do the impossible: predict the future.

Drowning in the Internet’s Political Sewers

Donald Trump is marshaling a legion of internet trolls for his impending re-election battle. Ostensibly, this summit is being convened to discuss the censorship of right-wing voices on social media. In reality, Trump is bolstering the morale of his online militia, which could be more effective than traditional TV surrogates because it doesn’t have any official ties to the campaign.

The Immeasurable Importance of the Good Neighbor

On a recent Saturday, my wife and I installed a swing on a tree outside our town home in Virginia. Within an hour, we had kids from all over the neighborhood coming to try it out, and we were happy to oblige. Children laughing and playing in the summer afternoon sun, parents out on the street chatting—this is the integral image of “Main Street Conservatism.”

It’s Not Too Late for Trump to Ignore Bolton and Get Iran Right

Iran’s foreign minister, Mohammad Javad Zarif, has said that his nation will negotiate with America—if the Trump administration will lift sanctions, the hallmark of its “maximum pressure” campaign. To do so would be an admission of defeat, certainly. But so far, President Donald Trump’s policy toward Iran has been a spectacular failure, marked by highly erroneous premises, hysterically high expectations, and dramatically counterproductive consequences.

Applying Free Speech to the Web Would Be a Nightmare

Conservatives often accuse big tech companies of suppressing right-leaning voices and giving preferential treatment to left-wing commentators and news outlets. Google is the target of these latest allegations, which include a heavily edited video that seemingly depicts an executive suggesting that the company is out to prevent a “Trump situation” in 2020.

Nationalism, Not Neoconservatism

Asked to weigh in on co-keynoting a conference with national security adviser John Bolton, Tucker Carlson demurred, saying different perspectives should be heard. Bolton was similarly deferential toward the Fox News host when asked the same question, but with a twist. “I’m delighted to be after him,” Bolton cracked. “That’s called a diplomatic answer.”