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Meeting the Transgender Moment

School administrators and sports organizations are facing new questions about transgender athletes. Medical professionals are weighing how best to treat transgender patients. The Trump administration and the military are waging with internal battles over transgender Americans serving in the armed forces. When the Supreme Court hears a transgender employment case this fall, we could be looking at the Roe v. Wade—or Obergefell v.

The Comic Strip: A Gloriously American Institution

The newspaper comic strip section is a particularly and peculiarly American institution. I can’t deny that, being British, when I open the special Sunday edition comic pull-out—six pages’ worth, and all in color!—I feel a twinge of self-consciousness.

But I also won’t deny that I fight through that DNA-inscribed British snootiness to read on—and I’m always rewarded with more than just a chuckle. There’s plenty of underappreciated wisdom in the comic section.

Evidence of Iran’s Culpability in the Attack Isn’t Important

The stunning success of Saturday’s drone attack on Saudi Arabia’s main oil export processing center has brought the Iran crisis to a new and pivotal point. It has demonstrated that Iran has significant capability to pressure the United States to end its war on the Iranian economy, and has the will to bring it to the next level.

Trump Appoints ‘Bolton Lite’

Ending a frantic search that dominated early autumn in Washington, President  Donald Trump announced Robert C. O’Brien, the establishmentarian administration hostage negotiator, as his fourth national security advisor Wednesday.

“I am pleased to announce that I will name Robert C. O’Brien, currently serving as the very successful Special Presidential Envoy for Hostage Affairs at the State Department, as our new National Security Advisor. I have worked long & hard with Robert. He will do a great job!” Trump said on Twitter.