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Get Realist: Checking China’s Power Grabs Without Bending to The Hawks

The drums of war with China are beating loud within the Trump administration this summer, as several senior members of the Trump administration called out the “threat” that China poses to America in high-profile speeches this summer, predicting dire consequences for America if the U.S. continues to ignore China and the Chinese Communist Party (CCP.)

We Turned Iraq Into a Den of Thieves

Last week, the New York Times published one of its finest pieces of reporting this year. Written by Robert F. Worth, it’s an autopsy of post-Saddam Iraq, where the autocracy of the Baathist regime has given way to a kleptocracy in which “literally everything is for sale.” Worth depicts an Iraq that’s essentially a giant graft scheme, with elites cashing out while everyone else scrounges for scraps.

Why the Bloody Kansas Primary Proves We Need Ranked Choice Voting

Kansas Republicans finally have their nominee for the U.S. Senate. As much of the party establishment hoped, U.S. Rep. Roger Marshall defeated former secretary of state Kris Kobach and two other contenders on Tuesday and will square off against state senator Barbara Bollier this fall. Marshall won just 40 percent of the vote, but finished ahead of Kobach’s 26 percent in second place.

Why Did It Have to Be Kamala?

I really thought Karen Bass had a fighting chance.

The California congresswoman isn’t a nationally known quantity by any stretch of the imagination. But she has served in the House of Representatives for four terms and seemed to check every box on the Biden campaign’s wish list: African-American, able to shore up his progressive base, voted to impeach Donald Trump. Perhaps he got squeamish over her ties to socialist groups, which conservatives have been blaring about for days.

Whatever the case, the pick is in. And it’s Kamala. Why did it have to be Kamala?