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The Cajun Navy: Heroes Or Hindrances In Hurricanes?

<img src=’’ alt=’John Gallagher in his truck in Fayetteville, N.C. “We’ve just been taking dispatch calls for swift water rescues, rescuing animals, missing persons,” Gallagher said.’/>

President Trump praised the Cajun Navy during a visit to North Carolina. But federal emergency managers say volunteers can put themselves and others in danger if they don’t go through proper channels.

As West Grows, Water Use Declines Thanks To Better Toilets

<img src=’’ alt=’Resource Central employees Max Hartmann (left) and Neka Sunlin haul the MacFarland family’s vintage toilet out of their Longmont, Colorado home.’/>

Despite the growth of population in the western U.S., water use in cities such as Denver, Las Vegas, San Diego and Phoenix is going down. The reason? High-tech, low-flow toilets.

(Image credit: Luke Runyon/Freelance)