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Why Money (Usually) Can't Buy You A Successful Campaign

<img src=’’ alt=’Former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg is weighing a 2020 presidential run. He’d join two other wealthy, self-funding Democrats in the primary: John Delaney and Tom Steyer.’/>

Only one major self-funding candidate — President Trump — has ever won the Oval Office. Despite long odds, some Democrats are spending millions of their own on the 2020 race, or contemplating it.

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National Book Awards Handed To Susan Choi, Arthur Sze And More

<img src=’’ alt=’Winners of this year’s National Book Awards each receive $10,000 along with their prize.’/>

The novelist and poet joined Sarah M. Broom, László Krasznahorkai, Ottilie Mulzet, and Martin W. Sandler as winners Wednesday night — receiving $10,000 and a medallion for their front covers.

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