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New Mexico Leaders To Militia: If You Want To Help Community, Stop Showing Up Armed

<img src=’’ alt=’A sculpture of Juan de Oñate’s settlers arriving in New Mexico is pictured as workers for the City of Albuquerque remove a sculpture of the Spanish conquistador on June 16, in Albuquerque, the day after the melee.’/>

Armed militias have become a feature at anti-quarantine protests, racial justice marches, and monument pull-downs. But after a shooting in Albuquerque, locals say militias are disturbing the peace.

'Almost In Tears': A Hairstylist Worries About Reopening Too Soon

<img src=’’ alt=’Vincent Cox in the salon where he works that’s reopened in Boston. Eighty percent of COVID-19 deaths have been in people his age or older. “It’s been one of the hardest things I’ve ever done in my life,” he says.’/>

NPR’s Chris Arnold sits down in the barber’s chair as his 65-year-old hairstylist tells him about working 13-hour days, as he worries about catching the coronavirus.