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They Didn’t Do It for Medals

“Only you — only you! — could manage to get shot in the ass!”

The year was 1987. A group of middle-aged men sat under the umbrellas at the cheap fiberglass tables of the Holiday Inn in Columbus, Georgia not far from Fort Benning. They deserved a Ritz-Carlton, but this would have to do. The sign out in front of the hotel, the letters hanging somewhat askew, read:


Now Might Be a Really Good Time for Jehovah’s Witnesses to Start Voting

In one memorable scene from The Lord of the Rings, the shield-maiden Eowyn says, “The women of this country learned long ago, those without swords can still die upon them.” It’s written as a female-empowerment moment, but it’s also good self-defense advice for everybody: simply because you decide to be peaceful doesn’t mean your enemies will.

The Deficit in Media Questioning


Trade secret: We in the news media often hate the media, too.

I had such a moment Tuesday at the Peter G. Peterson Foundation’s annual summit when CNN senior congressional correspondent Manu Raju interviewed House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

The topic was supposed to be “fiscal sustainability” — a Washington phrase for curbing spending and slowing the growth of the $22 trillion debt.

Jordan Peterson Is Taking the Fight to Big Tech

Jordan Peterson, New York Times best-selling author and vocal advocate of free speech, says he will be launching a new social media platform that is free of restrictive censorship. With a terms of service predicated on free-speech policies, ThinkSpot (sign up for a Beta invite here) will seek to provide a voice for any and all, regardless of politics or viewpoint.


When a noun must disguise itself behind an adjective, beware.

“We must recognize that in the 21st century, in the wealthiest country in the history of the world, economic rights are human rights,” Bernie Sanders announced at a speech this week. “That is what I mean by democratic socialism.”