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University of Pittsburgh Announces Possible COVID-19 Vaccine

On Friday, I wrote about the late, great Dr. Jonas Salk, whose polio vaccine developed at the University of Pittsburgh 65 years ago this month saved humanity from a virulent killer. That piece, “Seeking Another Jonas Salk,” concluded by saying that somewhere in a lab somewhere in America there may be another Salk ready to emerge.

“Who will it be?” I asked. “When?”

Military Triage in the Pandemic

This time it’s different. We’re used to seeing the big dogs come running when disaster hits. Whether it’s a typhoon that devastates part of Indonesia or a hurricane that destroys most of New Orleans, the U.S. military — hospital ships helping the sick and injured, helos operating from aircraft carriers dispensing food and bottled water — meets the challenge.

Coronavirus: The Wrong Numbers

Turn on your TV, and cable news will show you a chyron with the cumulative total of known COVID-19 cases in the United States. That number increases daily, by a simple process of addition, but that’s not the number which matters most in terms of coping with the pandemic. What matters, from the perspective of avoiding a crisis that overwhelms our health-care system, is not how many people are infected with the coronavirus, but rather the number of patients hospitalized.

A Mitigation Disaster

The most prominent physicians on the White House Coronavirus Task Force, Drs. Deborah Birx and Anthony Fauci, have generally managed to outmaneuver members of the media who have attempted to inveigle them into undercutting the President by endorsing a nationwide lockdown. Birx insists that Trump trusts the American people to follow current mitigation strategies, and Fauci has maintained a similarly diplomatic position.

Preparing for Passover


Yesterday I had a long telecon with a close friend of 78. She was getting ready for her Passover Feast and told me in great detail about how much work it would be for her.

“Well,” I interrupted her, “the Chinese have saved you from that.”

“I don’t want to hear that,” she said angrily. “It’s not the ‘Chinese virus’ like Trump says. It’s just a virus and to call it the Chinese virus defames all of the wonderful people of Chinese descent in our country. It’s racist and I don’t want to hear it.”

President Should Begin Halting Endless Wars With Iraq Withdrawal

A pandemic is sweeping the U.S. and Middle East. Coronavirus is spreading among military personnel, undercutting readiness.

Washington is broke. Congress voted an emergency stimulus package that costs 40 percent as much as the federal government spent last year. Even before that the federal government was running trillion-dollar annual deficits.

The Latest Quarantine Trend: Window-Watching

Instagrammers are a thing of the past. Influencers are dead. YouTubers are all but forgotten. Meeting someone on Tinder sounds about as modern as sending a telegram. And if your answer is “OK boomer,” you’re more outdated than Woody Allen’s trousers. Nobody wants to be a hipster, emo, geek, or any of that Pleistocene nonsense anymore. A new trend is sweeping through towns and cities in coronaviric Spain, turning everything upside down and inside out. Nothing like this has been seen before. It’s taking society by storm.