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A Deal With China Is a Loss for America

At a recent dinner for a group of high-ranking military officers at an undisclosed location in the bucolic American countryside, I cautioned the generals to prepare for the president to make a deal with China on trade. Many nodded but were skeptical. Why would the president unilaterally end a trade war that has been so successful against a country which he, and many of his most ardent supporters, believe is America’s number one geopolitical rival?

Taking Pride in Down Syndrome Children

My family just visited Chocolate World at Hersheypark in Hershey, Pennsylvania — the so-called “sweetest place on earth.” We hit it every two or three years when traveling through. For those unfamiliar, Chocolate World is the heart of the Hershey experience. It’s a giant candy-land. The primary attraction is a tour where visitors ride in self-guided vehicles through a flashy exhibit learning about the history of Hershey’s chocolate.

At the end of the tour stands a Hershey’s employee who hands everyone a complimentary chocolate bar. For kids, it’s the highlight.

The Danger in Trump’s Syria Policy

I think it was last Thanksgiving that a bright young family member told me about his fear that President Donald Trump would start World War III.

He had watched Trump, the infamous counterpuncher, retaliate during political debates and tiffs with celebrities who had the cheek to challenge him, and he saw a man who always gave harder than he got. So this young man was afraid Trump would rain nukes on some scrappy little country that didn’t salute when Trump took the stage.

I, Rose Sayer: Going Downriver With Donald Trump

I’m not a huge fan of the film The African Queen. I’ve actually only seen it twice. But I know it well enough to know that, much as I’d like to tell you I identify with Charlie Allnut, Humphrey Bogart’s character in the film, I’m actually closer to Rose Sayer, as portrayed by Katharine Hepburn. I’m aging and unmarried, straitlaced, religious, and set in my ways.

Tulsi Gabbard: Canary in the Democratic Coal Mine

For a sense of how divorced the Democrats are from mainstream America, the collapse of Tulsi Gabbard’s presidential campaign is instructive. Gabbard is a liberal who supports banning so-called assault weapons, raising the minimum wage to $15, free college tuition, etc. But her positions on abortion and health care are relatively moderate. Moreover, she is circumspect about impeachment, the only responsible position for a sitting congresswoman, and supports withdrawing American troops from Syria. Thus, her poll numbers are tanking.