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Of Masks and Men

As with seemingly everything in today’s political climate, face masks have become a hot-button issue. Filtered through divergent ideological prisms, a rudimentary measure to help reduce the spread of COVID-19 has been alternately interpreted as either a surrender of freedom or a symbol of virtue.

The Urban Anarchist Cookbook: Cop-Free Zones

Epigraph of the Series
… “the right of the people peaceably to assemble and petition their Government for redress of grievances.” U.S. Const., Amend. 1
Taxonomy for the Series
“If you … then you are a …”
peaceably assemble/petition … protester
attack/threaten innocent people … thug
torch buildings/toss hard objects … rioter
break into stores/steal merchandise … looter
organize/direct violent acts … domestic terrorist

Our Monumental Crisis: Appeasement or Reconciliation?

After a war, even one fought for the highest of principles, civilized people long to return to civilian life. Good people are repulsed by the waste and the horror of war. They yearn for the many blessings that only peace can contain. They naturally and properly want to put all war as far away as possible and devote all their efforts to increasing prosperity and comfort.

Tree Hugging and Other Nonsense

I’ve been deep in the woods for two months. I have become a friend to squirrels, I hug oaks like I were a photographer for a Sunday supplement for progressive intellectuals, and I have looked death in the eye on several occasions, like this morning when I left a lit cigarette on top of the tractor’s gas tank and went to get another beer from the fridge. The fireworks were so loud that, for a moment, I thought we were still celebrating the Fourth of July.

Should the Rest of Us Pay for Other People’s Bad Lifestyle Choices?

With COVID-19, Americans are suddenly on a kick to talk about personal responsibility and health care. People have been harassed and bullied out of stores for not wearing a mask. Much handwringing has gone into debates about whether or not political gatherings are appropriate in the COVID era and whether those who take greater risks should pay a higher cost or be treated at all.