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1.14.20 Dividing the UMC, and paid family leave

Mary Reichard talks to Mark Tooley about the proposal to split the United Methodist Church into separate liberal and conservative denominations; Sarah Schweinsberg reports on the debate over how to give employees access to paid family leave; and J.C. Derrick talks to scientist Michael Behe about how discoveries in the field of genetics undercut conventional evolutionary theory. Plus: commentary from Andrée Seu Peterson, a toilet paper pyramid, and the Tuesday morning news.

Effective Compassion, Episode 2: Homer and HOBO

From the team that brings you The World and Everything in It: Effective Compassion is a new podcast exploring American poverty-fighting. WORLD journalist Anna Johansen reports on what’s really working in the fight against poverty and how thinking biblically aids in the restoration of human dignity. Hosted by WORLD Radio features editor Paul Butler, this program is made for people who want to elicit real change because they know true hope. Effective Compassion is a production of WORLD.