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4.11.19 Ethics and artificial intelligence, and helping deportees rebuild

Leigh Jones reports on efforts to reform the federal flood insurance program; Mary Reichard and Russell Moore discuss the evangelical statement on artificial intelligence; and Sarah Schweinsberg reports on a ministry that helps get deportees back on their feet. Plus: a preview of Listening In, and commentary from Cal Thomas.

4.9.19 Turmoil at the Southern Poverty Law Center, and unity in the church

Katie Gaultney and Mary Reichard discuss allegations that the Southern Poverty Law Center is hostile to women and minorities; Sarah Schweinsberg reports on declining legal immigration numbers; and J.C. Derrick talks with Irwyn Ince about racial reconciliation in the church. Plus: commentary from Jamie Dean.

4.5.19 Culture Friday, Unplanned obstacles, and Les Mis

Mary Reichard explains the Texas ban on clergy accompanying death row inmates and talks with John Stonestreet about the transgender battle brewing in that state; Megan Basham reviews the PBS version of Les Miserables; and Lynde Langdon discusses the opposition to a new film that tells the real-life story of pro-life activist Abby Johnson. Plus: Ask the Editor with Marvin Olasky.