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Coronavirus live updates: US deaths near 10K ahead of 'hardest and saddest week'; Trump interrupts Fauci on hydroxychloroquine question

The U.S. braced for a deadly week and Britain’s prime minister was in a London hospital with “persistent” symptoms as the global death toll from the coronavirus pandemic surpassed 70,000. The number of U.S. coronavirus deaths soon to reach 10,000, and President Donald Trump warned Sunday of reaching a “horrific point in terms of death” at the hands of the coronavirus pandemic in coming days. Surgeon General Jerome Adams said Americans […]

Letter to the editor: President Trump lacks compassion Americans need

The daily releases from our current administration in the White House sound more like a campaign than factual reports to the American people.It was difficult for me to watch President Trump before this pandemic but now it’s almost unbearable. Does he not have a compassionate bone in his body? To continue on the path he’s been on says a whole lot about his character and self-serving agenda.Sending the American people back to work too soon would only […]

Letter to the editor: Keep Ohio abortion legal during coronavirus pandemic

Regarding the March 30 article in The Canton Repository about, ”Judges slow abortion bans in Texas, Ohio, Alabama amid virus,” I strongly agree with the judges in upholding a woman’s right to abortion as an ‘’essential service,’’ and all clinics that provide abortion services must remain open. Those who need abortion services include women, non-binary, and transgender men, and anti-choice politicians cannot be allowed to use the coronavirus as an excuse to close […]

Coronavirus Q&A: Reader questions answered

In this time of uncertainty, many people have questions related to the coronavirus pandemic.The Canton Repository will seek to answer those questions by publishing periodic interviews with public officials and health experts. If you would like to submit a question, please email story is provided free to the community to keep readers informed about coronavirus. […]