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Columbus leading technology push, ex-U.S. Transportation secretary says

Anthony Foxx sponsored the Smart Cities Challenge that Columbus won three years ago, designed to boost technology that will help create new transportation options.On Wednesday, the former U.S. Department of Transportation secretary was back in town, touring the Smart Columbus Experience Center Downtown and talking about the future as keynote speaker at the Mid-Ohio Regional Planning Commission’s State of the Region luncheon at the Greater Columbus Convention Center.That future […]

Scientists spark cells in brains of dead pigs

In a study that raises profound questions about the line between life and death, researchers have restored some cellular activity to brains removed from slaughtered pigs.The brains did not regain anything resembling consciousness: There were no signs indicating coordinated electrical signaling, necessary for higher functions like awareness and intelligence.But in one experiment, blood vessels in the pigs’ brains began functioning, using a blood substitute, and […]

These 'eggs' are spying on whooping cranes to boost survival

NEW ORLEANS — Scientists are using fake eggs to spy on whooping cranes in hopes of learning why some chicks die in the egg and others hatch.Data gathered by the spy eggs could help biologists in Louisiana and Canada preserve the endangered long-legged birds, which have made a tenuous rebound after dwindling almost to extinction in the 1940s.”It’s a fascinating way of spying on endangered species’ reproduction in a way that allows us to assist in the recovery,” said Dr. […]

Pediatric Research: Research changing treatment for reflux, especially among infants

You’ve probably taken an antacid for heartburn at some point in your life. You might even know someone who has gastroesophageal reflux disease. But did you know that GERD can be a problem for many infants, including those born preterm?Gastroesophageal reflux is the passage of stomach, or gastric, contents into the esophagus. This is a normal occurrence in people of all ages. GERD occurs when those reflux episodes lead to complications such as inflammation of the esophagus or […]

Scientists reveal first image ever made of a black hole

WASHINGTON (AP) — Scientists on Wednesday revealed the first image ever made of a black hole, depicting its hot, shadowy edges where light bends around itself in a cosmic funhouse effect.Assembling data gathered by eight radio telescopes around the world, astronomers created the picture showing the violent neighborhood around a supermassive black hole, the light-sucking monsters of the universe theorized by Einstein more than a century ago and confirmed by observations for […]

Commissioners OK $2 million in loans for two suburbs, elections board funding

The Franklin County commissioners approved $2 million in low-interest loans Tuesday for two suburban projects expected to help boost business and development.The city of Hilliard secured a $1.25 million loan to help finance the installation of 25 miles of high-capacity fiber-optic cable, providing greater access to information technology services and systems.”Fiber really is the infrastructure of the 21st century,” said David Meadows, the city’s economic development […]

Invisible hands, technology work to keep traffic moving through Columbus streets

The center of power for Columbus commuters might be in a plain office building on the Northeast Side where traffic engineers can control nearly every stoplight in the city with a few keystrokes.When congestion is so heavy that it turns highway ramps into parking lots, the engineers can turn red lights green and flush traffic through major corridors to alleviate jams, thanks to a decade-long plan to link traffic lights in a network.The plan to update and interconnect lights and […]

Saturn's small inner moons keep rings tidy

Saturn has more than 60 moons, but its innermost ones, though small, are hefty enough to help sculpt the planet’s distinctive rings.Orbiting at the edges of some of the main rings, or in gaps between them, these shepherd moons wield enough gravity to herd icy ring particles into place. Some tend the bangles by pruning and neatening their edges. Others mow lanes between the rings. The rings sculpt the moons, too, coating them with colorful mounds of ice and crafting unusual shapes. […]

Ohio State study: At-home HPV tests could boost early cancer detection

Screening women for the human papillomavirus might soon be made easier for those who don’t have routine access to health care.Leaders of an Ohio State University pilot study sent self-testing kits to 103 women between the ages of 30 and 65 in rural Appalachia who had not received a Pap test in at least three years. Of those, 78 percent completed the tests at home and mailed the kits back. […]

Most assisted-living facilities lack on-site or on-call medical staff

The patient moved into a large assisted-living facility in Raleigh, North Carolina, in 2003. She was younger than most residents, just 73, but her daughter thought it a safer option than remaining at home.The woman had been falling so frequently that “she was ending up in the emergency room almost every month,” said Dr. Shohreh Taavoni, the internist who became her primary-care physician. “She didn’t know why she was falling. She didn’t feel dizzy — she would just […]