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Modern app helps Jews maintain ancient minyan prayer tradition

The ancient religion of Judaism has been receiving an assist from modern technology in the form of a web application that helps religious leaders gather people for prayer.Minyan Maker, an app created in Columbus about three years ago, is growing in popularity. It saves rabbis time and hassle when they’re trying to get 10 people together — a minyan — in order to do daily prayers. […]

Poisonous algae are killing dogs frolicking in ponds, lakes

Dog owners across the country are reporting pets that have died this summer after swimming in freshwater lakes and ponds, apparently after ingesting water laden with toxic blue-green algae.Intense blooms have led to swimming bans from lakes in the Pacific Northwest to the entire Mississippi seacoast, to Lake Hopatcong, New Jersey’s largest lake. Algae blooms tend to thrive in high temperatures and after heavy rains carry fertilizer runoff and sewage into waterways.The […]

Geology: Mastodons' last dinner offers insight for researchers

During two bitterly cold December days in 1989, the bones of an almost fully grown male mastodon were excavated in central Ohio. Discovered beneath about 8 feet of ancient lake sediment while digging a pond on the Burning Tree golf course in Heath, just south of Newark, it became known as the Burning Tree Mastodon.Mastodons were related to elephants, but they were relics of a much more ancient branch of the family tree, essentially living fossils. They became extinct between 12,790 […]

Columbus hospitals train South African pharmacists to stem antibiotic-resistant diseases in newborns

After 23 newborns died of a superbug infection at Chris Hani Baragwanath Hospital in South Africa in January 2018, the third-largest hospital in the world turned to Ohio State University’s Wexner Medical Center for help. One reason: Wexner Medical Center has more infectious-disease doctors than in all of South Africa, according to Debbie Goff, an infectious-disease specialist and clinical pharmacist at the medical center. Another is that Goff was, at the […]

New photos of John Glenn as a child discovered

A scrapbook recently purchased from an antiques dealer in Huntington Beach, Calif., contains previously unknown childhood photos of astronaut John Glenn, the first American to orbit the Earth.”It’s an amazing find,” said Adam Sackowitz, a John Glenn historian from New York State. “It reminds us that John Glenn was born in Cambridge, Ohio, close to 100 years ago.”He said there are not a lot of photos of Glenn as a young child from the time he lived in Cambridge from 1921 […]

Researchers push to get unique Delaware firefly on endangered list

BETHANY BEACH, Del. — Peering through the darkness under the faint light of a peach-colored moon, wildlife biologist Jason Davis spots a telltale green flash in the bushes.Quick as a flash himself, Davis arcs a long-handled mesh net through the humid coastal air, ensnaring his tiny target.Ignoring the mosquitoes, Davis heads to the bed of his pickup truck, opens up a metal testing kit, and begins examining his find. Two minutes later, he makes his pronouncement. […]

Biology: Surveys show importance of saving endangered species

Last month, the International Union for Conservation of Nature updated its “Red List” of globally threatened and endangered species. The IUCN’s report supports a recent United Nations panel that predicted the loss of one million of the world’s eight million species this century. I discussed that U.N. report here recently.Earlier this month, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration discussed how to protect and manage populations of valuable yet vulnerable species. […]