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Bill Tinsley: Mr. Rogers taught what Jesus taught

My wife and I went to see “A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood” last weekend, the Mr. Rogers movie starring Tom Hanks. We usually go to the matinee, but in this case we had to wait until evening since all the theaters were sold out. We made our way over snow packed streets, found our seats and sat back to view the movie in a packed theater. Perhaps the Mr. Rogers movie is so popular because we are exhausted by the constant media barrage of political accusations, hatred, […]

Citizenship classes offer lawyers' help to immigrants in central Ohio

The Dominican Sisters of Peace, a Columbus order of religious sisters, hosts citizenship and English as a Second Language classes at a low cost through its ministries at the Martin de Porres Center and the Dominican Learning Center. The hope is that the two offerings will become a pipeline of sorts for local immigrants, who can take the ESL classes and then the citizenship classes, or vice versa.

Crash that took 16-year-old’s arm not Destiny, but a wake-up call from God, she says

Destiny Mikes decided to stop by the site where two teenage brothers died in a car crash and leave flowers at a memorial. But as she approached the spot on a hilly, roller-coaster roadway in Logan County, she crashed, too. She’s recovering but doctors had to amputate her left arm. Now, the 16-year-old is committed to making a difference.

Columbus area mosques to hold open houses Sunday

To encourage their neighbors to get to know them better, Columbus area mosques will host open houses Sunday as part of a statewide event.The second annual Ohio Open Mosque Day will take place from 1:30 to 4:30 p.m. at 10 Columbus area mosques, the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR)-Ohio said. Attendees will be able to meet members of the local Muslim community and learn about Islam over light refreshments.Area participating mosques are:• Noor […]

Shayne Looper: The man who led the attack on Pearl Harbor

Dec. 7 is the anniversary of the Japanese surprise attack on the U.S. naval base at Pearl Harbor in 1941, a day which, according to President Roosevelt, would live in infamy.My friend Hugh Hansel was an adolescent in 1941. He had gone fishing on a sunny Sunday in northwest Ohio and, when he returned home, he found the adults agitated and fearful. Over the next couple of years, Hugh watched older schoolmates go off to the war. He saw how they and their parents wept at their parting, and his […]

Ask Pastor Adrienne: Anxiety kills me at Christmas

Q: Dear Pastor,I struggle with anxiety and self-control during the holidays more than any other time. Why is this?A: The term “social anxiety” has become a common complaint of folks under 50. It’s the new word for “shy,” yet I believe it’s different. We now have generations of people who, by the nature of cultural change, have been removed from face-to-face interaction via our electronic emails, cell phones and Facebook profiles. We’ve […]

Suzette Martinez Standring: Christmas: Being mindful of mental illness

The Christmas season reminds us to be generous. Folks everywhere, religious or not, stock food pantries, collect warm coats and donate to charities. How about those who struggle with mental illness, which is one in five adults, according to the National Institute of Mental Health. Extra kindness can make a difference.So much mental suffering flies under the radar. Anyone walking down the street could be experiencing suicidal thoughts, self-harm, PTSD, addictions or self-destructive OCD. […]

In Good Faith: Getting the GOAT’s goat

Tom Brady is cranky. The New England Patriots’ quarterback - he of the six Super Bowl rings, universally acclaimed GOAT (Greatest of All Time), and future first ballot Hall of Famer - is not happy. In this, his 20th season in the NFL, his team is sitting atop its division and the Patriots hold the best record in the conference.So, what’s gotten the GOAT’s goat? Mostly it’s the way his team is winning and the lack of a supporting cast he deems worthy of the […]

Jehovah's Witnesses take to the streets in Downtown Columbus to share their message

In a newer brand of outreach, Jehovah’s Witnesses began standing at three locations in Downtown Columbus in April and remain there despite the growing cold weather. In addition to going door-to-door, the members are now standing with carts of materials on the Bible and Scripture study at their curbside posts. But instead of calling out to people as they pass by, they wait for people who are interested to approach them.