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Downtown church’s Bethlehem on Broad offers meals, clothing and purpose to Christmas seekers

Whether they were there to feed others or be fed themselves, the hundreds who spent a big chunk of their Christmas at Bethlehem on Broad Street went there looking for something.For more than 30 years the First Congregational Church has hosted the massive undertaking that starts in a tent around 7 a.m., where coffee and doughnuts started being handed out. Then, around 8:30 a.m., the doors to the imposing church opened in […]

Shayne Looper: Why your Christmas celebration should be more exuberant

The church has historically celebrated 12 days of Christmas, beginning with the Feast of the Nativity on Dec. 25, and lasting until Jan. 5. The very next day is the Feast of the Epiphany. In the Roman Church, the feast days include the Feast of St. Stephen, of St. John the Apostle, of the Holy Innocents and more.But consider what has happened in modern times. The celebration of Christmas has been turned upside down and backwards. In the past, Christmas Day began a 12-day period of feasting, […]

Houses of worship remain focused on faith this holiday season even as they beef up security

In the past few years, many Columbus area houses of worship have dedicated money, time and other resources to security efforts. The Dispatch took a look at how local religious groups plan to keep their congregants safe, and focused on faith, as the holidays approach.

Ask Pastor Adrienne: Find the joy God wants you to have

Q: Dear Pastor,It’s Christmas. I’m not feeling it. I think I’ve lost my joy.A: Yes, and God wants you to have it, my friend. Of all the Christian attributes we’re told by God to acquire or at least seek out, joy is often our biggest challenge. Here in America, with a relentless work ethic which includes inhumane performance pressures, self-imposed obligations and responsibilities, we often lose the ability to cultivate the feeling of simple joy. I’m […]

Suzette Martinez Standring: The newborn Jesus: And what will you be for me?

Twinkly lights, evergreens and candle glow soften my soul. Strangers smile and friends gather. Everywhere there are plans afoot and my inner child is shiny-eyed with excitement. It must be the magic of goodwill that makes me feel childlike, recalling when the world felt like a protective place.Charles Dickens once wrote, “For it is good to be children sometimes, and never better than at Christmas, when its mighty Founder was a child Himself.”So much love is connected to […]