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Looper column: The stubbornly silent future: Learning to trust

Our governor’s “shelter in place” order has changed the way we live. Rather than meeting people at church or in the coffee shop, I’ve been meeting people on Zoom. Pastoral visitation has not happened in people’s homes but on our phones. I and others have been calling our church family, checking on their health and seeing if they need groceries or meds. Many of these members are older and, to a person, they are doing remarkably well. They are a resilient bunch. […]

Ask Pastor Adrienne column: Free but incarcerated!

Dear Pastor,This may sound crazy, but I’ve never felt so free. We’re all imprisoned by this virus but somehow it’s freeing. What’s happening?A: My peers in ministry, parishioners, friends and relatives are struggling with our shelter-in-place mandate (those of us not working 24/7 like most clergy, medical or essential professionals.) We’re self-distancing and aching for contact with the outside world; missing our routines and finally appreciating our […]

Video: DeWine says it’s “not Christian” to hold church during coronavirus

Holding church services this Sunday “is not a Christian thing to do” says Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine. He was addressing Solid Rock Church in Butler County, which has continued to hold services in spite of the coronavirus outbreak. DeWine spoke at the Wednesday, April 1, 2020 coronavirus news conference at the Ohio Statehouse.Can’t see the video? Watch here.

Tinsley column: True treasures revealed during the COVID crisis

A week ago, my wife and I went for a walk keeping our 6-foot distance from others. Two children rode up on their bikes, a brother and sister ages 8 and 6. They asked us to come to their house so we could play with them. When we stopped at our daughter’s house, our granddaughter drew blue circles in the street with sidewalk chalk 6 feet apart so we could visit. Their neighbor asked me if I had ever seen anything like the COVID-19 crisis that we are experiencing. I said, “No, I am […]

Looper column: Pray for your pastor during the COVID-19 crisis

Your pastor needs prayer right now. He is facing significant stressors, making decisions that may have far-reaching consequences and handling questions from concerned parishioners for which he may not have answers.I spend the first hour-and-a-half of each day in my study, doors closed, a cup of coffee in hand. I reach for the Book of Common Prayer and turn to the Daily Office readings, bookmarked to the current week. After a brief prayer, I read the psalm of the day, the Old Testament […]

Ask Pastor Adrienne column: Jesus without a church service

Dear Pastor,Tiny churches could literally die out from all these canceled church services. What are we to do?A: We get quiet and listen to God’s direction right now. We trust God with outcomes beyond our control. God has pulled the plug on conventional church services for a “Selah” moment in history around the world. My sense is that he’s requiring each person to have their full focus on him; without the pulpits, microphones, worship bands and choirs. God […]

Standring column: Medical workers: Love them by reducing their patient loads

Columns share an author’s personal perspective.*****In Paris every night at 8 p.m. windows and balconies thunder with applause and cheers as medical workers leave the hospital. My childhood friend sent me a video clip.In Milton, Massachusetts, I am recuperating from surgery with witness to the courage of doctors, nurses, aides and all hospital staff. Where would I be without them? On March 18, the removal of part of my lung due to a tumor, was successful. Here I am a week […]