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Public celebration of Catholic Mass canceled in Ohio through May 29

The Columbus Catholic Diocese along with all other Catholic dioceses across Ohio have extended the suspension of publicly celebrated Masses and liturgies through May 29.The decision was announced Tuesday by Archbishop Dennis M. Schnurr of the Archdiocese of Cincinnati. Schnurr is the chairman of The Catholic Conference of Ohio.”Out of deep concern for the common good as well as the physical and spiritual well-being of the all the people of Ohio, the Catholic Bishops of […]

Tinsley column: Good and evil in the garden

Maybe our gardens will save us during this coronavirus crisis. Most of us are going crazy trying to “shelter in place.” We are bored, lonely, sometimes irritable with those we love most who share our confined space. But the garden offers a welcome release. There is something therapeutic about digging in the dirt, sifting the soil through our fingers, planting seeds and seedlings that flourish in the sun.When I lived in Minnesota, I always had a garden. I guess it was […]

Looper column: Everyone is a storyteller: What’s your story?

Every grasping, hoarding, angry person is telling themselves a story. So is every generous, sacrificial, compassionate person - but they are different stories. The middle school Spanish teacher is a storyteller. So are the foundry worker and the clerk at the gas station. The theologian is a storyteller, as is the banker, the automaker and the spy. Even the middle school Spanish student is a storyteller. The stories we tell frame our understanding of the world and explain our experiences. […]

Ask Pastor Adrienne column: Adam and Eve: Did God know they would sin?

Dear Pastor,Did God know that Adam and Eve would sin before he created them? Some Christians believe that God is not all-powerful.A: Great question! I’m fascinated by our Christian brothers and sisters who have strange, anti-Christian beliefs squatting on their spiritual landscape like “God is not all-powerful.” Why on earth would you bother to claim a god who isn’t capable of being God? Jesus, who is also God, explains: “With people this is impossible, […]

Tinsley column: Persistence during COVID-19

Some of you will remember that we adopted Buddy, a tricolor corgi, 11 years ago after he was found starving on the streets of Fort Worth. I wrote his story for my grandkids, “just the way Buddy told it to me”: how Barney the Blood Hound helped him survive on the streets until they were picked up by the dog police. I named the story, “Buddy the Floppy Ear Corgi” because his left ear flopped when we first met. Like other dogs and pets, Buddy is doing his best to […]

In Good Faith column: The accidental televangelist

Columns share an author’s personal perspective.*****I never thought I’d say this but … I’ve become a televangelist. On Sunday mornings I preach into the lens of a video camera, encouraging my online flock, coming to them live from a makeshift church studio. Virtually overnight, I had to reinvent myself as the Joel Osteen of Hingham, Massachusetts. Minus the private jet and the sickeningly sweet message that goes down like cotton candy but quickly dissolves […]

Ask Pastor Adrienne column: Bible study for nonreaders

Dear Pastor,My church is emphasizing personal Bible study during canceled services. I’m not a reader. What do I do?A: Your plight is shared by many people. I understand the difficulty and assure you that God is aware also. He is the one who walks with you through your life, so he knew you would be facing this part of your journey with him at some point. This also means that you have a helper; a built-in reading-assistant who immediately comes to your aid when you decide to try to […]