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Tinsley column: Children and the kingdom secret

Children are found on every continent in every culture. Without them, the human race would be doomed to extinction. They fill the air with laughter, like the sound of water gurgling in a happy brook. Their capacity for imagination and happiness is almost boundless. They make friends of complete strangers. In a matter of minutes, they are playmates making up imaginary games. They are as happy and excited to kick a half-deflated soccer ball in a back alley as any player in a World Cup stadium. […]

Looper column: So much for June Cleaver: Mother’s Day 2020

I once thought of Mother’s Day as an innocuous, greeting card kind of holiday. Who wouldn’t want to celebrate moms? Just the fact that she went through labor giving birth to us is cause enough to say thanks. She fed us countless meals, clothed us, put cold washcloths on our foreheads when we had a fever, and laid awake at night when we were out late as teenagers. Everybody ought to celebrate moms.Then I got to know people - not one but many - who had a mom that did not always […]

In Good Faith column: Filling bare cupboards

Columns share an author’s personal perspective.*****I read an article this week in a British church publication with a pretty damning headline: “YouTube sermons will not feed the hungry.” The young Vicar’s point was that while churches are spending a lot of time figuring out how to live-stream their services, that can’t be all they’re focused on. People are suffering during this time, and we have a moral obligation to meet their physical as well […]

Standring column: Mother’s Day gift: No guilt

Columns share an author’s personal perspective.*****Can you overcome your upbringing when raising your own kids? Josephine Martinez, came from the Philippines and was a stay-at-home mom all her life. She gave me an enduring sense of God’s goodness, which is ironic since she suffered from severe religious guilt. Fortunately, she didn’t raise us in the same way.Excessive self-blame is unhealthy and she never broke free. Since she rarely spoke about it, it took me […]

Ask Pastor Adrienne column: The divine two-by-four

Dear Pastor,Do you think this virus is God’s judgment on mankind?A: Well my friend, that is the elephant in the room, isn’t it? It’s the question every person is asking and every pastor is avoiding. Not because we clergy are fearing the answer, but because saying, “I don’t know” is not what people want to hear right now. And every person of the cloth desires to have answers for people in pain. It’s what we do; we comfort the hurting and […]

Tinsley column: Changing the way we live

A strange thing has happened in our neighborhood. Two months ago, we barely knew most of our neighbors. We would recognize familiar vehicles leaving for work, shuttling kids to school. But when they returned they either disappeared into their garages or quickly ran inside not to reemerge. Their lives were centered elsewhere, with their coworkers, their teachers and friends. But then the COVID crisis hit. Schools and businesses were closed. We were told to shelter in place, which meant […]

Looper column: Good news to speak and live today

The humorist and actor Robert Benchely once wrote, “There may be said to be two classes of people in the world; those who constantly divide the people of the world into two classes, and those who do not.” Benchely then drew the droll conclusion that “Both classes are extremely unpleasant to meet socially, leaving practically no one in the world whom one cares very much to know.” Benchley’s characterization of the world is funny because he, by dividing […]

Ask Pastor Adrienne column: Don’t be afraid to come back to life

Dear Pastor,Should I be afraid of returning to my life once the pandemic nightmare is over?A: I asked this same question in a slightly different way during my weekly prayer-group meeting this morning. “Because of this pandemic experience,” I confessed to the six prayer-warriors scattered around our sanctuary, “I’ve become a different kind of pastor. I’m a little nervous about returning to the pulpit and what that will look like.” Weeks of […]