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Ask Pastor Adrienne column: Again … why the wine?

*****Q: Why did Jesus make wine for the wedding at Cana when he knew drunkenness was forbidden?A: I receive this question in various forms fairly often. Perhaps we, as a church, continue to search for the answers when we don’t like the answers we find? Thank you for allowing me to take another run at it during a timely occasion to discuss. While the darkness of Satan’s work rages forth around the world and all over the U.S., God is watching to see what we, the church […]

Looper column: A (biblical) look into the future

Columns share an author’s personal perspective*****When the biblical writers looked into the future, they saw “a new heaven and a new earth.” Many of us, schooled in a Platonized version of Christianity, find this confusing. We are comfortable with the heaven part but don’t know what to do with a new earth. It is hard to see any need for it.We’ve been taught that we are destined for a heaven that is, in Spenser’s line, “unmoving, […]

In Good Faith column: Clashing symbols

Columns share an author’s personal perspective.*****Symbols are powerful. Take the bald eagle. When most Americans see an eagle prominently displayed on the back of a quarter or on the presidential seal, they see it as a symbol of pride and strength. The eagle, declared the national bird in 1782, has long been part of the iconography of the United States. Never mind that Ben Franklin allegedly preferred the turkey over the bald eagle as a national symbol. When the eagle flies, […]

Looper column: What it means to be alive

Columns share an author’s personal perspective.***** The phrase “full of life” occasionally appears in print or is spoken in conversation. This or that person or, sometimes, this or that city, is said to be “full of life.” The phrase is found in many languages. German communicates it in a single word: Lebensfülle. What does it mean for someone to be full of life? The philosopher Dallas Willard defined life as “the power to act and […]

Ask Pastor Adrienne column: We won’t die in the rapture?

*****Q: I’m studying end-time stuff at my church. Will Christ-followers experience death when the rapture comes?A: You’ve asked a question we’ve all pondered a time or two. The rapture, as the Christian Church widely understands it, will occur in such a way that people who are alive will not experience death in the normal sense.For those who don’t know what “the rapture” is, it is often included in conversations under different headings like […]

Standring column: John Lewis: Legislator and Civil Rights icon, touching true greatness

Columns share an author’s personal perspective.*****John Lewis, longtime U.S. congressman and civil rights icon for “good trouble,” was buried on July 27. The Georgia legislator was legendary for his lifelong patriotic protest and dissent against inequality. He played major roles in the Civil Rights Act and the Voting Rights Act. I once held his hand.Few can connect the signing of the 1965 Voting Rights Act with getting their heads cracked open. That’s […]

Tinsley column: When we are wounded

Columns share an author’s personal perspective.*****We bought a rocking horse for our son on his first birthday. It was simple and sturdy, made of unfinished wood. That was 42 years ago. Over the years, it continued to hold its head high, but the tail drooped between its legs. I am sure we intended to paint it someday, but that day never came. Instead, our son decorated it with crayons, pens and markers. We passed it down to his little sister, born eight years later, and then to […]

Muslim beauty pageant created by Bexley resident touts modesty

Maghrib Shahid grew up watching pageants on TV, dreaming that one day, she could compete in one herself.It was a dream that she ultimately gave up.”As I got older, I never saw anyone who looked like me,” Shahid, a Bexley resident, said. “That dream just got slimmer and slimmer and slimmer.”So in 2016, she set out to create her own pageant specifically for women like her — Muslim women who dress modestly and wear a hijab (a head covering worn by Muslim […]