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Susan Sparks: Lessons from a Christmas cactus

Don’t you think it’s odd that the time of year when we celebrate the light of the world – the Christ child – is also the darkest time of year? At least here in the Northern Hemisphere, you get up in the morning, and it’s dark. You leave work, and it’s dark. Somewhere in the middle, it gets light, but you don’t remember ‘cause you’re too busy complaining about how dark it is all the time.As mere human beings, we find it hard to wait for the […]

Bill Tinsley: 50 Years

Next week my wife and I will celebrate our 50th anniversary. How did this happen? Where did the years go? I always thought people who reached their 50th were old. Why aren’t we? December 21, 1968 we exchanged vows. I lifted her veil, kissed her and we left the altar hand-in-hand to start a journey that has spanned half a century. Apollo 8 launched the day we were married, the first manned flight to leave earth’s orbit. Neither of us imagined the journey we started that day […]

Daytime homeless center fills void in Newark

NEWARK — Scott Hayes knows what it’s like to be homeless. He was once there himself.So when Hayes, chaplain of Licking County Jail Ministries, started noticing more people sleeping in stairwells and doorways over the summer in downtown Newark, he felt something needed to be done.After a few months of prayer, Hayes officially opened the Vertical 196 Hope Center in November, just south of the city’s downtown.Unlike traditional homeless shelters, which typically […]

Hanukkah's celebration of light even more meaningful after darkness of Pittsburgh tragedy

This Hanukkah, local Jews and others around the globe are using the holiday to show that they won’t be brought down by hate.”For us as Jews, the way we show Jews are not going to be stopped by terrorism is to come together and enjoy, and this is the perfect holiday to show light and strength,” said Rabbi Sharon Skolnik, a second-grade teacher at Columbus Jewish Day School in New Albany.Skolnik brought her three young […]

Licking County pastor resigns after revelation of inappropriate relationship with minor 30 years ago

A Licking County pastor left the church he helped start after admitting to church officials that he had an inappropriate relationship with a minor more than 30 years earlier.John Schouten, 59, the former pastor of Vineyard Grace Fellowship in Heath, left the church in October. Church leaders received an email in June detailing a relationship Schouten had with a teenage girl while he was a teacher at Liberty Christian Academy in the 1980s.”The details of this […]

Shayne Looper: God and judgment in the era of #MeToo

Oprah Winfrey once explained that a sermon was the immediate cause of her departure from the orthodox Christian faith. In his Sunday message, her pastor Jeremiah Wright read and then exposited an Old Testament text in which God portrays himself as being jealous. Oprah decided then and there that she wanted nothing to do with a jealous God.Winfrey is an extraordinarily talented and intelligent person, but she got Pastor Wright’s message all wrong. A jealous God is good news for us. A […]

In Good Faith: Wait for it

In the not-so-distant past, great wars erupted over baby Jesus in our house. Not the actual, living, breathing baby Jesus who burst into the world on that first Christmas Day, but the small figurine that accompanied our crèche. Our household was evenly split on whether baby Jesus should be placed in the manger before Christmas or on Christmas.The argument for putting him into the nativity set earlier in December revolved around his being an integral part of the scene. What’s a […]

Suzette Martinez Standring: Wildlife in winter: Spiritual messages

Watching wildlife is a year-round Christmas gift as they scamper, trot, glide and even slither freely nearby. Our fenced-in back yard abuts an open field where coyotes, turkeys and deer are common. Occasionally, the wild jolts the urban, as when a magnificent hawk bashed against our patio window. The “BOOM!” sounded like a sledgehammer against a wall.My husband and I ran onto the deck and found a hawk on its back, out cold, its legs sticking up into the air. (Maybe it was […]

St. Gabriel radio buys Portsmouth station to expand Catholic teachings

More Ohioans soon will be able to tune into the holy sounds and programming of St. Gabriel Catholic Radio.The station, which has been on the frequency 820 AM since 2011, has served central Ohio since 2005 and has long wanted to reach the radio dials of all parishioners in the Roman Catholic Diocese of Columbus, said Bill Messerly, the station’s executive director.St. Gabriel’s purchase of a station in Portsmouth, in Scioto County, on 88.3 FM, for […]