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Bill Tinsley: Remembering who Memorial Day was created for

Next Monday is Memorial Day, the official start of summer! Families will load up and head parks, lakes and campgrounds. Spring is here summer is near. Kids will soon be out for summer and new graduates will launch out on new adventures in search of their destiny. But the celebration, fresh air and freedom has a deeper meaning. It is a time for remembering those who laid down their lives for the freedoms we enjoy. My grandfather fought in France during WWI. My uncle entered Nuremberg in a […]

Pope Francis' edict to have little effect on how US priests, nuns report sex abuse

While a recent mandate on child sexual abuse from Pope Francis made headlines worldwide and garnered praise from Catholic leaders and some skepticism from victim advocates, not much about how abuse is reported in the United States will likely change.The new church law, which was released on May 9 […]

Lancaster's historic 19th century Davis Auditorium to reopen after 14 years

LANCASTER — Shirley Wassem still gets goose bumps looking up at the massive wooden trusses in Davis Auditorium — the same ones she’s looked at for 57 years — and wondering what it must have been like to build the structure in 1895.”The original builders got those trusses up 42 feet,” Wassem said, “and they were only using oxen and carts!”Built in the center of the Lancaster Camp Ground, the 14,400-square-foot auditorium was the site […]

Shayne Looper: If Shakespeare were writing from Washington

Imagine Shakespeare were now writing. What storylines (Tragedy? Comedy?) might he find in the ongoing drama in Washington D.C.? Nearly every presidential contender, and there is a battlefield full of them, is in high dudgeon. Accusations fly like arrows in a Peter Jackson movie.There are Hamlet-like duplicities, Macbeth-like rants, and King Lear-like bouts of self-pity. Katherina-like egos and Richard-like self-absorption dot the stage. Shakespeare would soon find a donkey-headed Bottom […]

Fingerhut leaves Hillel for Jewish Federations of North America

Former U.S. Rep. Eric D. Fingerhut is resigning as president and CEO of the Jewish campus organization Hillel International to assume the same title with the Jewish Federations of America, which collectively is among the top 10 charities in North America.Fingerhut, 60, will become president and CEO of the Jewish Federations of North America on Aug. 6, the organization posted on its Facebook page Thursday. The JFNA […]

JewishColumbus to fund security at central Ohio Jewish groups

Making sure the Bexley synagogue he leads is safe and welcoming for all who enter has for years weighed heavily on Rabbi Howard Zack’s mind.But JewishColumbus has helped to relieve some of the senior rabbi’s stress by promising to fund an armed security guard at Congregation Torat Emet for the next six months and likely longer.JewishColumbus, a […]

Eric Fingerhut resigns from Hillel International

Eric D. Fingerhut, president and CEO of Hillel International and a former Ohio state senator and U.S. congressman, has announced he is resigning as the leader of the Jewish campus organization.Fingerhut has since July 2013 served as the head of Hillel International, the largest Jewish campus organization in the world with a presence on more than 500 college and university campuses, including […]

JewishColumbus to fund security at all central Ohio Jewish groups

JewishColumbus is paying for all Jewish congregations and groups in central Ohio to have armed guards outside their buildings, as part of a push to improve security in the wake of a shooting at a Pittsburgh synagogue in October that killed 11.The nonprofit organization’s board on Wednesday approved reimbursing local Jewish groups up to $500,000 in total to hire duty police officers to provide security over the next six months, said Joel Marcovitch, CEO […]

Ramadan: Should you be fasting with diabetes?

Fasting during the holy month of Ramadan is integral in the lives of Muslims, but it’s not always safe for everyone to participate.Some health-care providers might not understand the religious importance of fasting during Ramadan, which this year spans May 5 to June 4. At the same time, some Muslim patients might be inclined to fast no matter what their doctor says.After realizing there was a disconnect, two local doctors set out to close the gap between health-care […]

Susan Sparks : A letter to Madeleine

Dear Madeleine:I am writing this letter to you, my fabulous 16-month-old granddaughter. Wait — what’s that you say? I’m an astonishingly young grandmother? Aww, yes, thank you. Always the charmer. You know, people don’t write letters anymore. It’s all texts, emojis, or maybe an email if you’re old school, but I miss the handwritten letters that you can hold, and, more importantly, keep. So, here’s my letter to […]