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Bill Tinsley: Moon landing

This Saturday marks the 50th anniversary of the moon landing by Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin, July 20, 1969. Those of us old enough to remember watched on grainy black-and-white TVs when Armstrong made his “giant leap” from the bottom rung of the ladder to the moon’s surface. It was a turbulent time on earth. Martin Luther King Jr. and Bobby Kennedy had been gunned down the year before. Vietnam was at its height. More than 11,000 American GIs died in Vietnam in 1969. […]

Community leaders optimistic about Columbus police changes

As Interim Columbus police Chief Thomas Quinlan announced his plan Monday for reorganizing the police department, he did so with a handful of community and faith leaders behind him.Pastor John Coats II, leader of the Interdenominational Ministerial Alliance in Columbus, was among those who stood behind Quinlan. He said the compassion the police […]

Columbus Dream Center offers hot meals, hope to low-income, homeless population

On a typical Monday, Tuesday, Thursday or Friday, between 80 and 100 people file through the doors of 38 W. Greenwood Ave. in the Short North.They are greeted with “Hope” painted in bold black letters on the building’s white brick walls. After a brief devotional lesson in the Rock City Church auditorium, visitors make their way downstairs to a dining hall, where they are served a freshly cooked meal.They’re in the Columbus Dream Center, a volunteer-driven organization working […]

Shayne Looper: It’s just a matter of time

In everyday life, “What time is it?” is an important question. Whether we are waiting for our shift to end, hurrying to file our tax returns before the post office closes, or sitting in the pew wondering when the wedding ceremony will begin, the time of day is relevant.It is also important to know the time on the world-historical clock. Is postmodernity unstable? Is the time at hand when, under the weight of its own self-righteousness, the postmodern world will splinter it […]

Columbus Jewish Cemetery Association rights stones, cares for graves

To many Jewish people, honoring the dead is a significant responsibility.That’s one reason several local synagogues have come together to form the Columbus Jewish Cemetery Association, an organization that will centralize and ensure the management and care for local Jewish cemeteries and their gravestones.A few years in the […]

Bill Tinsley: Lessons from the ant

The ants are back! We have kept them at bay inside the house, but outside, that is a different matter. A single dropped crumb on the patio and the next morning a stream of ants appear, hundreds of them in a neatly organized operation to dismantle the discarded food and store it in bits and bites for later use. How do they do this? Do the wandering scout-ants have cell phones? When they make a discovery do they place a call back to home base and say, “Send the troops. We have food! […]

Jewish Community Center of Greater Columbus welcomes new COO

The Jewish Community Center of Greater Columbus has welcoming a new chief operating officer from Los Angeles this month.Ronnie Conn started at the organization on July 1 after serving for five years at the Westside Jewish Community Center in California, according to a release from the local organization.“It is already clear to me that the Columbus JCC is a truly dynamic and inclusive organization rooted in […]

Sounds of religion recorded through online Ohio State project

The jaunty sound of a puja bell rings during an offering at the Jain Center of Central Ohio in southern Delaware County.Birds chirp in the background of a Druid ritual at ComFest, Downtown.And the rhythmic harmony made by musicians at St. Patrick’s Episcopal Church performing a U2 song flows during worship at the Dublin Irish Festival.All of these sounds are part of the American Religious Sounds […]

Shayne Looper: When it comes to right and wrong

When it comes to right and wrong, a person can be right and still wrong; wrong, and still right; wrong, and still wrong; and right, and still right. For human beings, it is frequently not a matter of right or wrong but of right and wrong.For some people, being right is very important. These are the people who, when asked the time, never say, “Quarter after seven,” if it is really only 14 minutes after seven. If stating what they paid for gas, they would not say $3 a gallon if […]