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Shayne Looper: Religion is not a shortcut

When religion is transformed from a response of faith in the God of heaven into an instrument for getting things done on earth, it is disfigured. It may retain the accoutrements of true religion - ritual, liturgy, personal prayer, offerings - but its essential nature has been altered. It preserves “the form of godliness,” as the Apostle Paul put it, while “denying its power.”For as long as people have been religious - which is to say, for as along as there have […]

Ask Pastor Adrienne: Church fights, bullies and power-trippers

Q: Dear Pastor,I’m sick of the infighting at my church. Is this normal?A: Good Lord, yes! (Unfortunately.) Churches can be prickly places because people attend them. If you’ve ever worked with the public in any of the service industries, you know very well how temperamental we humans may be. I’ve always decreed that every American citizen should be forced to wait tables for at least one year. It would cure most of us of our diva symptoms instantly.Territorial […]

The Other Side podcast: Pastor says cops, community need mutual understanding

The Reverend Frederick LaMarr, pastor of Family Missionary Baptist Church, talks about why it was important to arrange a meeting between a Columbus police officer and the man whom the officer punched, a punch that was captured on video.LaMarr, who holds traditional views about marriage and family, also discusses whether a gay presidential candidate […]

Bill Tinsley: A place to rest

We live in a time-crunched world where life is lived on the run. Millions pull out of their driveways in the pre-dawn dark, grab a last-minute breakfast burrito, and merge onto freeways while listening to the morning news and traffic reports between cell phone calls. It is a frenzied start to a frenzied day. Weary from long hours at work, the same drivers re-enter the stream of traffic making their way home past memorized billboards. Weekends are filled with errands, second jobs, T- […]

Columbus diocese creates task force to review handling of priest-sex abuse allegations

In the six months since the Roman Catholic Diocese of Columbus released a list of priests whom it deemed had been “credibly accused” of sexually abusing minors, it has added 14 more names and started a task force to study its policies and make recommendations to the bishop.The task force, which was formed in May and still is being established, […]

Shayne Looper: You aren’t from around here, are you?

“How y’all doin?”On a trip to Tennessee and North Carolina, my wife and I heard that line again and again. It reminded me of being in Boston, only there it was “How-ah-ya?” or “How-ya-doin?”I love languages and dialects and so, while we were in Boston, I told my wife I just had to try “How-ah-ya?” on somebody. It took me awhile to work up the nerve - I was afraid of ruffling some New England feathers - but finally tried it […]

Our Daily Bread: Day 5 | Making of challah is highly symbolic in Jewish culture

Editor’s note: In recent weeks, Dispatch reporters, along with photographer and videographer Doral Chenoweth III, fanned out across the metro area to spotlight the city’s diverse bread scene. What they found was a recipe for both cultural connection and sensory satisfaction. This is the fifth in our seven-part series Our Daily Bread.Esther Kaltmann grabbed two long rolls of bread dough and, with […]

Suzette Martinez Standring: Pure reassurance

When all the shouting’s done, humble goodness shines forever. Temporary power and posturing are empty calories that disappear. But quiet strength continues to nourish decades later. I remember Mercedes, an old woman whose last name I never knew. As a child I found her very scary at first.My parents came from the Philippines. They left behind the familiar and everyone beloved on a wing and prayer for a better life. They lived with hardship getting started in the U.S.I was born […]

Ask Pastor Adrienne: Trunk-or-Treats are coming

Q: Dear Pastor,How do you feel about Trunk-or-Treat events?A: I’m assuming you’re asking me because you’re not a huge fan of Halloween? Yes, we are just a few weeks away now from the October events which surround the Devil’s high-holiday. I’ve written numerous exposés on Halloween and how I feel about it - but that is a lengthy discussion for another time.Trunk or Treat, in case there are folks who have never heard of it, is a safe way to give […]

Bill Tinsley: Changing the rules

It is always important to know the rules in anything we do. We have rules at school, rules at work and rules at home. We establish laws to govern traffic: speed limits, stop signs, turn lanes and signals. We pass laws for family, marriage, commerce and civil conduct. We spend billions of dollars to employ law enforcement officials, judges and lawyers to make sure the rules are obeyed.Some rules are unwritten. We assume we know them from birth. They are common to every culture on earth. They […]