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Preliminary settlement reached in class-action suit filed by developmental disabilities advocates

A federal judge granted preliminary approval Friday for a settlement agreement in a class-action lawsuit filed against the state by advocates for Ohioans with developmental disabilities. The state says it will expand access to community-based services, adding hundreds of the Medicaid-funded waivers that help people live and work in their communities instead of institutions.

John Kasich: House should impeach Trump for abuse of power

Former Ohio governor and CNN commentator John Kasich said this afternoon that President Donald Trump should be impeached by the U.S. House of Representatives due to “abuse of power.”“I say it with great sadness,” Kasich said on CNN. “This is not something I want to do … This behavior, in my opinion, cannot be tolerated and action should be taken.”Kasich, the last Republican candidate to drop his challenge to Trump in the 2016 presidential primaries, stopped short of saying […]

Ohio State wants lawmakers to ban betting on the Buckeyes

Ohio State doesn’t want you taking Michigan and the points.The state’s flagship public university and its four-year brethren are asking lawmakers to prohibit betting on football and other collegiate sports as the state moves to authorize sports wagering.Opponents of permitting bets on college football games and other amateur athletic contests worry it could potentially sully and compromise college athletics.”The Ohio State University is opposed to collegiate […]

Biodegradable bags intended to cut down on stray opioids

Gov. Mike DeWine said Thursday he would open another front in the battle against opiod abuse. He announced that the Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation would pay for biodegradable disposal bags so those who are injured on the job can dispose of prescribed opioids they don’t use.Speaking at Crosby’s Drugs & Home on the North Side, DeWine and bureau Administrator/CEO Stephanie McCloud said the move is intended to keep unneeded opioids from lingering in Ohio’s medicine cabinets. […]

Mount Carmel West, 3 pharmacists cited by state Pharmacy Board in Husel investigation

The Ohio Board of Pharmacy has cited the former Mount Carmel West hospital and three pharmacists in an investigation into the deaths of patients who were treated by Dr. William Husel, a former intensive care physician facing 25 counts of murder.The citations against the pharmacists’ licenses to practice and the former hospital’s license to distribute dangerous drugs involve the high doses of painkillers given to patients.The cited Mount Carmel license — now held by the […]

Mount Carmel Health, three pharmacists cited by state Pharmacy Board in Husel investigation

The Ohio Board of Pharmacy has cited the former Mount Carmel Health System and three pharmacists in connection with its investigation into the deaths of patients who were being treated by Dr. William Husel, a former emergency room physician there now facing 25 counts of murder.Mount Carmel Health has two pharmacy licenses, though the violations occurred under the license for Mount Carmel West hospital. That license is now held by the emergency department at the Mount Carmel facility […]

Ohio GOP Sen. Rob Portman to co-sponsor resolution imposing sanctions on Turkey

A bipartisan coalition of senators is introducing a resolution imposing sanctions on Turkey in response to aggression against Kurds in northeastern Syria as the Trump Administration continues to deal with the fallout from his decision to leave the territory.Sen. Rob Portman said during a conference call with reporters Thursday that he will co-sponsor the resolution to be led by South Carolina Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-South Carolina, and Maryland Sen. Chris Van Hollen, a Democrat. […]

Theodore Decker: Police say courts don't take concealed carry violations seriously

In arguing against further gun control, the gun lobby likes to point out that there are plenty of laws already on the books. The problem, the argument goes, is that those laws are not enforced.The police, meanwhile, have expressed similar frustrations when it comes to Ohio’s carrying a concealed weapon law, saying it is ineffective by design and not always taken seriously by the courts.Gov. Mike DeWine revealed earlier this month his multi-part plan to reduce gun violence in […]

Westerville debate draws opinions from every side

Three hours and five minutes.A dozen candidates.Hundreds of points and counter-points.Millions of eyes were focused, via CNN, on the heart of Ohio on Tuesday night — specifically on Otterbein University and Westerville — during the fourth Democratic presidential debate.Amid their common foe in Republican President Donald Trump, the candidates sparred back and forth, with Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren a new target for jabs after pulling […]

State Board of Education approves pay for more hours worked

The State Board of Education is allowing future members to claim extra money by submitting for more hours worked.The board voted 7-3 Tuesday to allow board members to seek pay for up to an additional 144 hours a year for dealing with constituent emails and phone calls and preparing for board meetings. Nine members of the 19-person board were not present for the vote.At the unchanged pay rate of $32.01 an hour, board members would receive $4,609 more a year by claiming the […]