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3 Chillicothe officers injured taking combative suspect into custody

Three Chillicothe police officers needed hospital treatment for injuries after a fight with a combative suspect on Tuesday afternoon, police said.Two people, who were not being named by police on Tuesday evening, were taken to the Ross County Jail. One was being charged with felonious assault on a police officer, and the other with obstruction.The altercation occurred at a residence in the first block of Cheyenne Drive on Chillicothe’s north side.”We […]

What's happening with Ohio's private school vouchers? Here's what you need to know

Ohio’s debate over private school vouchers gets to the heart of how we want to educate children in this state.Should students receive money to escape failing public schools? Should taxpayer money be spent on private, mostly religious schools? How do you decide if a school is failing anyway?Those questions – along with lawmakers’ closely held beliefs about how to best educate students – have blocked a fix to a dramatic increase in students eligible for […]

Column: Cincinnati Mayor John Cranley launches governor's campaign

Cincinnati Mayor John Cranley has been traveling around Ohio for several months, and it’s now clear why: The Democrat is planning a run for governor in 2022.Cranley is officially beginning to raise money and build a campaign, hoping an early start can help him build enough momentum to compete in a state where Republicans have dominated for a decade.”I am exploring a run for governor because Ohio is falling behind and must do better,” Cranley said in a statement to […]

Trump's story about Cincinnati veteran's comeback was not quite true

NEW YORK (AP) — Tony Rankins, a formerly homeless, drug-addicted Army veteran, got a standing ovation at the State of the Union after President Donald Trump described how he turned his life around thanks to a construction job at a company using the administration’s “Opportunity Zone” tax breaks targeting poor neighborhoods. […]

This group wants lawmakers to pass Gov. Mike DeWine's gun plan. Who is behind it?

COLUMBUS - Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine’s gun proposal has few champions – except a new dark money group that has some ties to the governor himself.Standing By Ohio, which advocates for a “safe, secure and free future,” recently spent about $8,000 on Facebook advertisements urging people to ask their state senators to support […]

Ohio woman’s ‘Girldad’ brand seen in new light after Kobe Bryant tragedy

NORTH CANTON — Hilary Wertin wants her daughters to know girls are just as valuable as boys.Wertin, a graphic designer, has three daughters with her husband, Jonas.Some folks seemed to take umbrage at a family of all girls, she said.”We got a lot of negative comments at times,” she said. “It was surprising.”Fed up with the negativity, Wertin turned to her artistic talents.She searched online to see if anyone had laid claim to the […]

Terrorist from Columbus loses citizenship

COLUMBUS — A federal judge has stripped a terrorist of his naturalized U.S. citizenship, siding with the government in the case of a Pakistan-born man convicted more than 15 years ago of plotting to destroy New York’s Brooklyn Bridge.Defendant Iyman Faris, once a truck driver in Columbus, was sentenced in 2003 for aiding and abetting al-Qaida by scoping out the bridge as part of a plot to cut through cables that support it. His case was among the first and highest-profile […]