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Barry Dolowich, Tax Tips: Reporting tip income

By Barry Dolowich

Tax Tips

Q: I got whacked when I filed my tax return for last year and I would like to avoid the same fate for this year. I am a waiter for a high-end restaurant and my employer allocated tips to me on my 2017 Form W-2 causing me to owe a ton of taxes. As a tipped employee, what am I supposed to report to my employer and what records do I have to keep?

A: Reporting your tip income correctly is not difficult.

Seaside officer involved in last week's shooting, also fatally shot a man in 2014

Salinas >> The Monterey County District Attorney’s Office identified the Seaside police officer who shot a 34-year-old man last week following a brief chase as Manuel Fernandez, adding the officer thought the man was pulling out a gun before he fired his weapon.

Berkley Brannon, the chief assistant district attorney, said at a news conference Monday that Fernandez has been a police officer for more than 17 years and fatally shot a man with a machete in 2014.

Sen. Monning, D-Carmel, bill on "kid's meals" signed into law by Gov. Brown

Monterey >> A bill that would require businesses that serve bundled kid’s meals to make their drink options a healthful beverage was signed into law Thursday by Governor Jerry Brown.

Senator Bill Monning, D-Carmel, was lead author on Senate Bill 1192 which would require a restaurant, as defined, that sells a children’s meal that includes a beverage, to make the default beverage water, sparkling water, or flavored water, as specified, or unflavored milk or a nondairy milk alternative, as specified, according to the California legislative information website.

Mary Jeanne Vincent, Career Talk: Letting the cat out of the bag

Are you contemplating a job change or career move and wondering when to share the news with your boss?

Sometimes employees feel they are doing the “right” thing by telling a boss that they are starting to look for a new job. They often share this tidbit of information long before a new opportunity has materialized or is a glint on the distant horizon.

California condors headed to Central Coast to be released in the wild

Big Sur >> When nine California condors were scheduled to fly to the Central Coast this past weekend, organizers were not planning to take advantage of the largest wingspan in North America. The condors have a wing span that can measure nearly 10 feet, but they were to be put in airplanes coming from The World Center for Birds of Prey in Boise, Idaho.