Articles from Wright State Univ

Raider roundball

For nearly 50 years, the voice that echoed through the rafters during Wright State men’s basketball games has been that of the same person — Gordie Wise.

On Dec. 5, Wise was honored for his 49 years of service before the Wright State men’s basketball game against Miami University. Wise received a standing ovation from the crowd and was presented with a silver microphone by Bob Grant, the director of athletics.

“If we had a Mt. Rushmore for athletics Gordie Wise would be on it,” said Grant.

Milling around

It was simply irresistible.

Jessica Noes had begun working at the historic Clifton Mill in high school and continued during her college years at Wright State University. When she graduated, she launched what she thought would lead to a high-powered business career in the corporate world, starting with managing a makeup counter at a retail store.

But the siren song of the old mill never died. And when the owner offered to make her general manager in 2006 and “get her master’s in running her own business,” she jumped.