Articles from Wright State Univ

Weekday warriors

Cyclist from Wright State were among the hundreds of bicycle enthusiasts who participated in the 14th annual Bike to Work Day Pancake Breakfast on May 17 at Riverscape Metropark in downtown Dayton.

Participants enjoyed live music, pancakes and coffee while celebrating the bike-friendly Miami Valley.

The riders from Wright State traveled a total of 20 miles from Alumni Tower to downtown Dayton and back.

Base bandit

When he’s standing on base, the cheers of the fans and the chatter of the players fade away. Wright State University baseball player J.D. Orr hears none of it.

“I kind of go into a zone. It feels like I’m on the field by myself,” he said.

Then Orr proceeds to make his own noise. Legs churning and arms pumping, he bullets across the infield with liquid motion and dives head first into the next base, kicking up a fountain of tiny black rubber pellets from the field turf that poppy-seed the top of the bag.

And usually he’s safe.