Articles from Wright State Univ

Reed music

If you have ever walked through the Creative Arts Center then you know that something enjoyable is happening around every corner. If you’re lucky, you can even catch an impromptu concert.

Bill Jobert, lecturer of bassoon and coordinator of music education, led half a dozen students in a bassoon concert that filled the Creative Arts Center will wonderful sounds.

“This was my first ever public setting playing bassoon,” said Johnathan Baldwin, a music education major. “It was nerve-racking, but I definitely enjoyed it.”

Wright Brothers Day soars on historic date

Wright Brothers Day at Wright State celebrated the 113th anniversary of Wilbur Wright’s 39-minute flight on Huffman Prairie on Oct. 5, 1905. The flight demonstrated that the Wright brothers had advanced their design to the point of a practical airplane.

“It was kind of an defining moment for what they’ve been doing with their airplane innovation,” said Samantha Andrus, a senior marketing major and president of Wright State University’s American Marketing Association.