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What Makes a Good Pair of Binoculars?

I’m going to take a break from photography for a day (it’s hard to stay away). I’ve been evaluating binoculars to use for bird watching and general use when I’m hiking. Initially, I wanted some binoculars to replace a small pair I have that are very low end; the kind you buy at a discount store for around $20 (maybe less). I’m not saying binoculars you buy at a discount store are always bad, but these have some pretty glaring issues, that I’d like to resolve with a new pair.

The issues with my old pair are (Bushnell 16×32 compact):

Revisiting the EOS R after Firmware Update 1.4

Firmware update 1.4 was supposed to improve eye detection auto focus, and refresh for the LCD viewfinder during servo shooting. That would be very nice!

My initial sense, after updating to firmware version 1.4 and trying it out, is that it seems faster and more accurate, but until I try it out at a sporting event, I really can’t tell how much better it really is.

Olympus OM-4 Thoughts

I’ve been shooting with my OM-4 for several weeks now. I’m circling through several different cameras (Nikon F2, Nikon F, Olympus OM-1, Olympus OM-2, Canon F-1, Canon A-1, Olympus OM-4) to compare features, and generally how they feel to shoot with. I’ve come back to the OM-4 and would like to discuss my likes and dislikes and give you my impression of what it’s like to use the OM-4.

It's About Workflow

When we moved my dad out of his apartment and into a senior living center, a place where he could have medical care if needed, we cleaned out his apartment and my sister and I took some of his things to our homes. I ended up with several trays of slides from years of family trips and vacations and other events. Remember, until the last 10 years, average people only took photographs of special occasions.

I recently began the process of scanning and archiving the slides digitally, which means storing the images in my OneDrive and/or Google Photos accounts.

Orion Nebula

Last week I took some photos with a telephoto lens of the Orion Nebula – which can be found in the Orion constellation. From Texas, where I live, it is visible at this time of year in the east just after sunset. It rises as the night progresses, but the constellation is easily visible, on a clear night, from my patio.

The Artist in Me (and You)

I’ve mentioned before that I’m not a full time, professional photographer – I’ve been working in the IT world for nearly 40 years. I started out in a support role, moved to programming and web development, and now am a manager with a team of developers under me. I love what I do, and am very glad I chose this path – I want to be clear about that.