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From Atlanta to Umbabat, American Trophy Hunters Pose a Threat to Endangered Species

The International Wildlife Conservation Council, a Department of the Interior advisory group dominated by big-game trophy hunters, seeks to weaken existing protections for threatened and endangered species, all to make it easier for trophy hunters to import animal trophies into the United States.

EPA Staff Say the Trump Administration is Changing Their Mission From Protecting Human Health and the Environment to Protecting Industry

The Environmental Protection Agency made news recently for excluding reporters from a “summit” meeting on chemical contamination in drinking water. Episodes like this are symptoms of a larger problem: an ongoing, broad-scale takeover of the agency by industries it regulates.

The King Amendment is Dead—For Now—With House Failure of Farm Bill

The U.S. House of Representatives has voted to kill the highly controversial Farm Bill. It contained an extremely sweeping and harmful provision, the King Amendment, that could have nullified hundreds of state and local laws pertaining to agriculture products, including laws to restrict farm animal confinement, ban the slaughter of horses, and crack down on puppy mills.