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Thousands of wild animals seized in smuggling crackdown

Police across the globe have seized thousands of wild animals, including primates and big cats, and arrested nearly 600 suspects in a crackdown on illegal wildlife smuggling, Interpol has said. Covering 109 countries, the operation was carried out in coordination with the World Customs Organization (WCO), with investigators homing in on trafficking routes and crime […]

Petition: Save Himeko, Depressed Elephant Who’s Been Alone in a Zoo for 24 Years

Elephants do not belong in captivity! In the wild, they are highly social animals that roam up to 30 miles in a day with their herd. They also eat a lot in the wild and put their amazing memory and communication skills to great use! However, in captivity, they never get to do any of […]

Petition: Video of Elephant Laying Out a Tourist Could’ve Been Worse

As shown in a recent viral video, one tourist learned the hard way that elephants are not ours to use for entertainment—and luckily for her, she walked away with just a bruised ego. The internet got a good laugh at the expense of a woman who received a firm smack from an elephant in Zambia, […]

Endangered Sea Lions Devastated By New Zealand’s Squid Industry

A sixth sea lion has died after being entrapped in a squid trawling net off the coast of New Zealand last week. Perhaps the world’s rarest sea lion, this particular species is only found in and around New Zealand, and has only about 12,000 individuals total. Limited historical data suggests New Zealand sea lion populations […]

World Orca Day!

Orcas dream We dream of oceans, Not swimming pools. Where we can live by Our own, Not human Rules. We dream of our pods. Our unbreakable bonds, That spread over the seas, And far beyond. Happy world orca every day as we send props to these giant dolphins!!!  

Faroe Islands defend slaughter of whales as sea turns red with blood

The slaughter of hundreds of whales is just a ’natural part of life’ on the Faroe Islands, the remote nation has said. It comes after horrific images emerged showing a pod of whales and dolphins being rounded up and butchered by villagers. The disturbing sight of whales dying in a sea of blood continues to […]