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Plan Dooming Red Wolves to Extinction Just Got Major Public Opposition

Red wolves have continued to slide closer to the brink of extinction in the wild since recovery efforts began, but they just got some major support from members of the public who have made it clear that letting them slip away when we have the chance to save them is unacceptable. Red wolves once roamed […]

Sighting of the most popular Tiger in Tadoba

I ended the previous post on Tadoba with the fleeting image of Matkasur, the dominant Tiger of Tadoba’s core zone. I wished he had surfaced earlier, when there was more light. Having said that, I reminded myself that it was a wild Tiger in its territory and any sighting happens by chance. I consoled myself […]

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POLL: Should Iceland’s Christmas ad about palm oil have been banned?

Major retailers enter a battle every Christmas to make us cry with their saccharine seasonal ads – but this year we already have a clear winner. Concern about our planet has never been greater, thanks to last month’s UN report warning that we have 12 years to stop irreversible damage to the Earth. Yet, one […]

Omnipresent raptors of Kabini

It was the rainy season and just before we started the afternoon safari towards the Kabini backwaters, it had started raining. Given the all round dampness I was wondering if we were going to draw a blank in terms of wildlife sightings. We drove deeper into the Nagarhole National Park with absolutely no sign of […]

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‘The most intellectual creature to ever walk Earth is destroying its only home’

During my years studying chimpanzees in Gombe national park in Tanzania I experienced the magic of the rainforest. I learned how all life is interconnected, how each species, no matter how insignificant it may seem, has a role to play in the rich tapestry of life – known today as biodiversity. Even the loss of […]

Cuco Lagartero de la Espanola (Hispaniolan Lizard-cuckoo) Coccyzus longirostris (Hermann, 1783)

De a poco voy retomando las ganas para sentarme a escribir acerca de las aves que puedo registrar, hoy les voy a presentar a esta espectacular especie que pude registrar durante mi viaje a Punta Cana en el pasado mes de Enero. Como es habitual en mi actividad de vacaciones y antes de sentarme en […]

5 Ways the Trump Administration Has Been a Nightmare for Animals

Even though it’s a bipartisan organization, the Humane Society Legislative Fund (HSLF) issued a dire warning in October 2016: if Trump were elected, his administration would be “a threat to animals everywhere.” As we all know, Trump was elected – and almost immediately after he took office, the HSLF’s prediction sadly proved to be true. […]

Jizan Corniche – Jizan

This site is one of the main birding locations in the region and has good wader habitat holding the highest concentration of shorebirds along the Saudi Red Sea coast. The site is easily viewed from the cornice road and in the early morning the sun is behind the observer allowing good viewing conditions. We birded […]

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Chainsaw Massacre: Protected areas in danger in Brazil’s state of Rondônia (commentary)

One reserve is already gone and ten others are likely to go within the next few weeks when the legislature of one of Brazilian Amazonia’s most anti-environmental states votes on overriding a veto from the state governor. The 11 protected areas total 537,000 hectares (3 percent of the state), and four of them had been […]