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The long journey to saving the Sumatran rhino, via Borneo (commentary)

In 1982, an orangutan researcher working in Indonesian Borneo wrote to a colleague at the biology department at the National University in Jakarta. He told of meeting a traditional-medicine trader at the market in Pangkalan Bun, a city in Central Kalimantan province. “A whole Sumatran rhino head is immersed in coconut oil in a basin,” […]

‘Death by a thousand holes’: Scientists race to avert a salamander crisis

Any day now. That’s when Batrachochytrium salamandrivorans (Bsal), the “salamander-eating” fungus, is expected to arrive in the United States, home to more than a third of the world’s species of these slippery amphibians.It all began in 2008, when Bsal traveledsome through the pet trade from Asia to northern Europe. There, it escaped into the wild […]

Where are they now?

Everyone seems to be pretty well informed about the migrations of monarch butterflies in North America. Long distance southbound fliers end up in southern states in the east and in refuges in California and Mexico in the west. In spring, northbound females lay eggs that hatch into butterflies that fly north and lay eggs, reaching […]

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Why does Wildlife Matter in the Fight Against Climate Change

Wildlife is concerned with the protection of species, the preservation of their habitats and the rewilding of natural spaces. It encompasses but does not limit to the animal world. All living things fall under the wildlife theme. Yes. Even sea cucumbers. What is the inherent importance of wildlife at the scale of our planet? Well, it’s […]

POLL: Should fishermen in Peru be allowed to continue slaughtering dolphins? Shocking Video!

Peruvian fishermen slaughtered dolphins to use as bait for shark fishing, an undercover investigation has revealed. Footage showed infant and adult dolphins being harpooned then stabbed and clubbed before, in some cases, being cut open and butchered while still alive. The slaughtered dolphins were cut up and used as bait. Dolphins are also killed for […]

Atajacaminos tijera (Scissor-tailded Nightjar) Hydropsalis torquata

Como lo hemos dicho en muchas oportunidades la fotografía de aves es una cuestión de suerte, además de coincidir en el momento exacto con una determinada especie en particular y además contar con el equipo preparado y listo para capturar un registro novedoso como en este caso por lo inusual de encontrarse con estas especies […]

Cinder the Bear Was Tragically Killed by a Hunter, After Famously Surviving a Wildfire

One evening in July 2014, as the worst wildfire in the history of Washington State burned nearby, a little bear cub with third-degree burns on each of her paws crawled up a driveway into Steve Love’s backyard. Love gave the emaciated cub fruit and water through the night until an officer with the Washington Department […]

Yemen Linnet

Yemen Linnet Carduelis yemenensis is a common resident of the south-west highlands, frequenting weedy terraced fields, that have been harvested, where it was often seen in flocks of up to 200 birds. It has also been recorded on the Raydah escarpment along the Raydah Pipeline Road, Al Jarrah and Al Azah. In 1987 it was […]

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