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Feature: Sawgrass Lake Park Pt. I

It required a single visit to Sawgrass Lake Park in Pinellas County to consider it one of my favorite wildlife venues in Florida. Sawgrass Lake Park, north of downtown St. Petersburg and southwest of Tampa, was created primarily to manage stormwater flooding in the adjacent city of Pinellas Park. A small waterfall in fact could […]

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Pro-whaling nations block South Atlantic whale sanctuary

A proposal to create a whale sanctuary in the South Atlantic was defeated at a meeting in Brazil of the International Whaling Commission, amid a clash between countries that think whales can be hunted sustainably and others that want more conservation measures. Pro-whaling nations, including Japan, Korea, Norway and Russia, argued the science didn’t support […]

Over half the world’s raptors have declining populations

Why is it important to focus on the status of raptors in particular? From ghostly owls to majestic birds of prey, raptors are among the most iconic birds, but they are also highly threatened, with many of the larger species requiring large tracts of intact forest, and others persecuted because of their supposed impacts on […]

A Green Future? An Exploration Of Theresa May’s Energy Policy

The world is warming up. There can be no denying of that. Although some, including the President of the United States, may try, the overwhelming weight of scientific evidence is that average global temperatures are rising as a direct result of human activities. This is because we are, in a number of ways, producing monumental […]

Millipedes might soothe itchy lemurs, research finds

Pesky itchiness caused by parasitic worms may have driven one of Madagascar’s lemur species to come up with a natural remedy. New research, published July 30 in the journal Primates, suggests that red-fronted lemurs (Eulemur rufifrons) apply millipede secretions to parts of their bodies, a process called “self-anointment.” “Self-anointment combined with eating millipede secretions may […]

Migrants lacking – Jubail

Whilst birdwatching in the Jubail area I saw a few good birds but very few migrants. The Egyptian Nightjars that I saw a few weeks ago are still present with at least three birds seen. This site, like the one in Al Hassa, seems to hold Egyptian Nightjars throughout the summer now indicating birds may […]

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‘You will never run from death’: shot by poachers in Uganda

The bullet that pierced the shoulder of Ugandan ranger Samuel Loware had already taken one life and could easily have added his. The shell was fired by a Sudanese poacher trying to flee back over the border with contraband meat from the Kidepo Valley national park. Loware had been tracking the fugitive – one of […]