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May Religious Liberty Stand the Test of Time and Culture

<![CDATA[ENON, Pennsylvania – Somewhere along the line, the little village of Enon was reclaimed by the land. For years, this was where the hopes and dreams of immigrants were realized, the dreams of many Welsh Baptists and Quakers who fled their homeland when the British government persecuted them for their dissent from the Church of England. That same government also wanted to force them to adhere to English culture.]]>

'This Is Insane!' Church Leader Blasts Newsom's 'Tyrannical' Order Closing California Churches

<![CDATA[On Monday, Gov. Gavin Newsom (D-Calif.) issued a new order closing all “INDOOR OPERATIONS” for fitness centers, hair salons, malls, “non-critical” offices, and places of worship including churches, in 30 California counties that include roughly 80 percent of the state’s population. The state was the first to lock down in March, but by late April, Newsom had begun allowing some businesses and activities to resume.

Washington Post: Now That We’ve Finished Off the Redskins, the Texas Rangers Must Go

<![CDATA[Baseball, like the other major sports, has become insufferably woke, and so the Texas Rangers — like the Cleveland Indians and football’s Washington Redskins — are likely not long for this world. Buoyed by the scalping of the Washington Redskins, the Washington Post’s Karen Attiah, who wants white women to consider themselves lucky that she isn’t calling for “revenge” for their voting for Trump, is now calling for the Texas Rangers baseball team to change its name, because, doncha know, the Rangers were supposedly “white supremacists.”]]>

Black Lives Matter Mural at Trump Tower Draws Angry Crowd

<![CDATA[Last week, the worst mayor in the history of the United States decided it was a good idea to use city funds to paint a “Black Lives Matter” mural on Fifth Avenue in front of Trump Tower. Bill de Blasio is too incompetent to do anything about the skyrocketing murder rate, and his administration is directly responsible for the 22,000 New Yorkers who have died so far from COVID-19 the Chinese virus, but at least he can troll the president of the United States while simultaneously begging for federal funds.]]>