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Drunkblogging the October Democratic Debate

    And then there were... <em>twelve</em>?

When we last did this in September, ten of the Democrats’ presidential contenders met the official rules to qualify for the debate stage. The result was an overlong three-hour debate which still left too little time for any one candidate to shine. Although to be fair, I’m sure the quality of the individual candidates had as much to do with that as the sheer number of them.

One Night Only: Drunkblogging the September Democratic Debate

    And then there were ten.

Showing more mercy than when Democrats took your health plan away, even though you liked it, and much more than they did during, say, the Battle of Poison Spring, the DNC has whittled the debate field down to just ten contenders, facing off on just one night.

This is the best thing to happen to my liver since I started taking NAC supplements.

Drunkblogging the Second Democratic Debate: Night Two

    And then there were ten.

There were ten last night, too, but this is a different ten. Sadly, Thunderdome rules do not apply, and everyone who walks on the stage will also walk off it. Officially I think of the 25 announced candidates, only Eric “Duke Nukem” Swalwell has dropped out. And the DNC’s admission rules are still lax enough that 20 out of 24 made the cut.

The field is expected to winnow quickly now, hopefully fast enough that the debate will need only one round. Your sanity requires it. So does my liver.

Drunkblogging the Mueller Hearing

    If former special counsel Robert Mueller trying to avoid saying much of anything while being questioned by some of the most duplicitous people in the world is your idea of Must-See TV, then you're probably already tuned into MSNBC. And may the Lord have mercy on your brain.

On the other hand, if you’d rather just follow along online with a coffee or (better yet) a Bloody Mary, then you’ve come to the right place.

House antics to follow shortly. Bloody Mary recipe to follow almost immediately.

Drunkblogging the First Democratic Debate: Night Two

    Last night, ten Democratic presidential candidates entered the debate ring, and ten walked out. Because sadly, this isn't Thunderdome.

Tonight, ten more candidates will enter the debate ring, I assume because of some kind of mad cloning experiment gone horribly wrong.

As luck of the draw would have it – or so they claim – the first night was the Kiddie Table Debate, but tonight we get a higher proportion of heavy hitters in the mix.

Drunkblogging the First Democratic Debate: Part One

    "He's more machine now than man -- twisted and evil."

     -Obi-Wan Kenobi on his former pupil, Darth Vader

Of course, Kenobi could have been talking about my liver, after six competitive presidential primaries to drink through since starting VodkaPundit in 2002, even more election cycles, endless debates, State of the Union addresses, one particularly trying Parent-Teacher conference…

And it all led up to this: 20 candidates, some you might even have heard of before. Twin debates. Two consecutive nights. One fully-deductible bar tab.