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The Final Debate Drunkblog Before the Voting Begins

    We need to indulge in a little TV nostalgia before tonight's big show begins.

Cheers was a huge hit for NBC in the 1980s, mostly because of seriously sharp writing, but also because of the will-they/won’t-they chemistry between Sam & Diane. Every Thursday night, millions tuned in to see if this would be the week they finally stopped fighting and started… well, you know.

That Time Thomas Jefferson and Virginia Colonists Tried to Get King George to Stop the Slave Trade

    So I’ve just finished my <a href="">first book</a> and am working on another. The first is about the Hubble Space Telescope, the one I’m researching now is about history. Specifically, I'm planning to look at the roots of a very consequential revolution in my home state of Texas, and a lingering mystery about one of its heroes.

How an Israeli Burger Joint Relates to 'The Palestinian Delusion'

    True story: Last weekend I tried a new burger joint in Austin called BurgerIM. It’s Israeli-owned. I posted about it on Facebook and a friend in Michigan replied. BurgerIM had tried to open up a shop in Dearborn, Mich., but Palestinian protesters <a href="">fought it</a> – based solely on the fact that its owners are Jews – and BurgerIM pulled out. Jobs and opportunity lost to the decades-old Israel/Palestinian conflict.

Drunkblogging the October Democratic Debate

    And then there were... <em>twelve</em>?

When we last did this in September, ten of the Democrats’ presidential contenders met the official rules to qualify for the debate stage. The result was an overlong three-hour debate which still left too little time for any one candidate to shine. Although to be fair, I’m sure the quality of the individual candidates had as much to do with that as the sheer number of them.