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It's the Corona Tuesday Primary Drunkblog

    Americans have a real talent for throwing crazy elections, but add a little pandemic to the mix and mere craziness turns to chaos.

As I’ve been out and about the last few days, taking care of chores and errands before everything gets locked down, I’ve noticed just how crazy Americans aren’t in the face of possible COVID-19 infection. But don’t tell that to the governor of Ohio, Mike DeWine (R-Panic! at the Disco), who overruled Judge Richard Frye in order to postpone today’s primary until June.

Drunkblogging Super Tuesday the Lesser

    <h5>Six states enter, one state leaves.</h5>

Sorry, wrong intro – I keep hoping for Thunderdome, but I keep getting crabby old guys who think they have a shot at becoming the next President of the United State.

Still, it’s a big night.

Idaho, Michigan, Mississippi, Missouri, and Washington all vote in Democratic primaries today, plus statewide caucuses in North Dakota.

Liveblogging the South Carolina Democratic Debate

    Alas, my esteemed colleague Vodkapundit is off drinking elsewhere, so he won't be able to drunkblog the continuing trainwreck of the Democratic primary this evening. You'll have to settle for my buzzed blog instead. Although I make no guarantees I won't get hammered watching this "democratic" socialist steamroll his way to the nomination of one of our two major parties.

Stunning: A Delusional Socialist Just Blew Away the Democrat Competition in Nevada. Now What?

    If you think that headline sounds like something from the Babylon Bee, you're not alone. It defies logic, reason, and incredible odds, but as of publishing time, it appears that Bernie Sanders—a democratic socialist who is not even a member of the Democratic Party—is going to blow away the competition in the Nevada caucuses. At present, with just over 23% reporting, Bolshie Bernie has nearly 40% of the vote, topping second-place Biden by 17 points.

LIVE: A Minidrunkblog of the Nevada Caucuses

    Is "minidrunkblog" one word?  Well, it is now.

My wife doesn’t usually let me work on weekends because apparently it makes me cranky. But tonight is special. We have the chance of a repeat of the Iowa Debacles, and maybe even a chance to stick a fork in Joe Biden’s political career. That’s something I’ve been wanting and waiting to do for more than three decades.

Besides, how could I possibly get cranky when I have a cayenne-rubbed ribeye to grill, frenches to fry, and a pitcher of margaritas to drink?

Drunkblogging the Debut Dem Debate with Mini Mike

    Ever since Mike Bloomberg and his $60 billion decided to take squatters rights on the Democratic presidential primary season, he's been the Voldemort of the campaign.  
He Who Shall Not Be Named

Over the last few debates, the contenders have engaged in the occasional hissy fit at one another, but none of the serious contenders had yet to draw any serious blood.

But tonight, stuff gets real.