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Whatever Happens To Kavanaugh, Feinstein Got Exactly What She Wanted

The leading Democratic figures during Brett Kavanaugh’s Supreme Court confirmation hearings were presumed 2020 presidential hopefuls Kamala Harris and Cory Booker. Both grandstanded to great applause from Democratic partisans, but failed to nick the nomination. The two young guns made a lot of noise, but it was an older, wiser woman who with a single shot turned a hopeless situation for Democrats into a big potential political win.

Huge Spikes In Democrat Voter Turnout Across The Country Should Alarm The GOP

It all comes down to turnout” is the hoariest truism in election coverage. We don’t yet know what it will be for the midterm election, but based on turnout for the primaries concluded in 2018, Republicans should be worried. The much talked of “blue wave” could very well be bearing down on the party.

Why Our Day Is Far More Religious Than The Middle Ages Was

The Middle Ages are often described as “the Age of Faith.” But surely, if any age deserves that epithet, it is ours.

True, the Middle Ages were the age of Christianity, but hardly the age of faith. If we take faith in the common, though oversimplified sense of blind belief in that which is not seen or understood, then the Middle Ages, with their worshipful admiration of Aristotle, fine definitions, and extremely precise use of language, and monasteries full of busy monks copying and commenting on scholarly texts, are the reverse of the age of faith.

Why The United States Should Follow South Korea’s Lead On North Korea

South Korean President Moon Jae-in traveled to Pyongyang Tuesday to meet again with North Korea leader Kim Jong-un. It was his third summit with Kim this year, and the first time in more than a decade a South Korean president has visited the North. Given our close ties to South Korea and pursuit of peace on the peninsula, this will be a meeting for the United States to watch.

Kavanaugh Accuser’s Lawyer Rejects Senate Hearing, Claims It Would Be ‘Contrary To Discovering The Truth’

The attorney for Christine Blasey Ford, the woman who accused Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh of sexual harassment, released a statement saying the Senate Judiciary Committee’s desire to hold a hearing on Monday is “contrary to the Committee discovering the truth.”

The statement said Ford wishes for other witnesses to be involved in any future hearings, but did not name any such witnesses. The only people Ford says were present for the alleged assault are Kavanaugh and schoolmate Mike Judge, both of whom say this incident never happened.

Yes, Down Syndrome Is A Life Worth Living, And A Life Worth Saving

When Jessica Capitani’s son was born, she remembers doctors, nurses and specialists continuing to ask her about her baby — but not in a congratulatory way. Instead, it was, “Didn’t you have the test?” The insinuation was that her son should not be here, that he should have been weeded out through abortion, because he has Down syndrome.

How The Man Bun Is Destroying Our Civilization

So, I don’t want to sound dramatic or anything, but your man bun is ruining our civilization.

Hear me out. It’s not about the man bun in se. It’s about cultural context. Samurai man buns are OG. European soccer player man buns…eh, let’s say we fought a revolution for a reason. Even the crunchy hippie man bun—those guys live hardcore lives, hiking the entire Pacific Crest trail, pretending civilization doesn’t exist.