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Poor Andrew Cuomo Struggles With Life Of Zero Intersectionality Points

Poor Andrew Cuomo is having a tough time rallying his base to vote for him to stay New York’s governor. For a cis-gendered white male, it’s so hard to get attention from progressives these days, especially when an actual woman is running for the same position. So Cuomo has been self-identifying as an undocumented, black, gay Jew who is also Muslim. Yes, seriously.

All The Times Comey And Democrats Praised McCabe’s Honor Haven’t Aged Well

Former FBI director James Comey spoke highly of his deputy Andrew McCabe’s integrity, both in public and in multiple private conversations with President Trump, displaying what looks to be poor judgment of McCabe’s character now that the former FBI deputy director has been referred for criminal prosecution for allegedly lying to federal investigators.

If The Left Doesn’t Like Hungary’s ‘Fascists,’ It Should Stop Creating Them

If you get your news from the mainstream media, you might think that Hungary just suffered a fascist coup. What actually happened is that, in fair and free elections, Prime Minister Viktor Orbán and his center-right Fidesz Party easily won another term by defeating a divided opposition led by mediocrities.

‘The Monk Of Mokha’ Delivers An Entertaining Tale Weakened By Identity Politics And Economic Nonsense

Dave Eggers has a questionable legacy to overcome in his nonfiction. After a career as a literary journalist, he broke onto the book scene with a memoir, A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius. He followed up with more nonfiction and a string of literary novels.

This Fall, California Voters Could Decide Whether To Split Their State In Three

Silicon Valley venture capitalist Tim Draper has come up with a scheme to split California into three states, and he’s collected twice as many signatures as he needs to get the proposition on the ballot in November. Some 600,000 Californians have signed his petition, which would allow a vote on whether to split the state into North California, South California and California.

Personally, I would have named the third part Coastal California. Here’s what Draper has in mind: