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College Revokes Award From Conservative Student

Quade Lancaster, a student at Lone Star College-Tomball, was told last semester that he would be receiving an award for academic excellence. Now, he isn’t getting the award. One might thing it was coincidental, but this is the second time the college has taken action against him since they learned he is conservative and does not support gun confiscation.

“Ugly” Charity and Beautiful Service: A Twitter Story


We live in the age of virtue-signaling. One’s hashtag activism seems to carry more weight than the actual sacrifice of time and money to the issues one is concerned about.

Lot’s of people love to fret about tax cuts hurting the poor, but few of those people are actually giving voluntarily to the poor.

Part of the problem is that most of us who rarely charitably give of ourselves have all kinds of ideas about what that charity should look like.

George Washington University Students Petition to Change “Offensive” Nickname

At George Washington University, students have long been known as the “Colonials,” for obvious reasons. However, in 2018, colonialism is the SJW cause celebre, and it must be taken down, so students are suggesting “hippos,” “revolutionaries,” and “riverhorses” as alternatives.

A petition on started by student Rachel Yakobashvili reads:

White House Calls China’s Attempt at Censorship ‘Orwellian Nonsense’

It went largely unreported, but in a tremendously important statement — especially following the day of praise for Karl Marx on his birthday — the White House publicly declared resistance to the Chinese Communist Party’s attempts to impose political correctness and censorship on American companies and American citizens.