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ZTE: If the Intent is to Stop IP Theft – It’s Good to Not Punish People Who Pay for IP

Now-President Donald Trump ran for the gig – promising to clean up DC’s titanically stupid fake “free trade” status quo.

And as is the case with very much of that on which he ran – Trump is now practicing what he preached.

Far too many people in DC have been in full-on freakout mode – in full-on defense of DC’s titanically stupid fake “free trade” status quo.

The Left Is Moving the Goalposts They Used on Roseanne as Fast as Possible for Samantha Bee

If the left had a motto, it would be “it’s okay if we do it.”

This is best seen in the social justice left who can be as racist, sexist, and bigoted as it pleases, but will collapse into screaming spasms the moment it gets even a whiff of the same from the right, whether the right was actually bigoted, sexist, racist, or not.

No Matter How You Spin It This Looks Bad for the California GOP

Many on the right have had heated debates about whether a third party is a viable option for conservatism. They probably didn’t expect the third party to be the GOP.

Despite giving us Ronald Reagan, California hasn’t exactly been a beacon of conservatism for the country but outside the major urban centers you could usually find some pockets of strong Republican support. That might be changing as the number of registered Republican voters in the Golden State has finally fallen behind the unaffiliated.