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Feinstein, Dems Burned in Fiery Letters from Grassley

Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Sen. Chuck Grassley’s been frustrated with the antics of Democrats on the committee since the first minute of Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation hearings, when Kamala Harris tried to Kanye the proceedings. The events of the past week have done nothing to dim that frustration, and, judging by two letters Grassley sent to his colleagues Wednesday afternoon, he’s completely through with entertaining their drama – even for a nanosecond.

Ashley Judd’s Lawsuit Against Harvey Weinstein Proceeds – Partially

Ashley Judd was one of the first actresses to speak publicly about perv movie mogul Harvey Weinstein’s atrocious, harassing behavior; in fact, the New York Times’ bombshell investigative article leads off with Judd’s story. Judd rebuffed Weinstein’s advances and went on to a successful career, but only had small parts in two Miramax films.

There’s New Polling Out About Kavanaugh’s Confirmation and Here’s Why It Doesn’t Matter

Sometimes, polling is helpful to gauge how the voting public feels about an issue or a politician ahead of an election. Routinely, the conclusions are wrong, though so often we want them to be right.

But when it concerns what the American people think about a Supreme Court nominee, it should have absolutely no bearing on the situation at hand. Whether it’s positive or negative makes little difference and the president should pay it no mind.

DNC Vice-Chair Keith Ellison’s Abuse Victim Posts Doctor Report as Media Still Focuses On Crumbling Kavanaugh Claims

The left’s media bias dictates them to squarely focus on Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh’s alleged sexual abuse of Christine Blasey Ford while it completely ignores the increasingly provable claims of the victim of former DNC Deputy-Chair Keith Ellison’s victim.