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Battle in Seattle: Amazon vs. The Socialists

In a scene from the Adam Sandler film “Just Go With It” (I like silly rom-coms. Take me to task in the comments if you must.), a child is trying to manipulate Sandler’s character — a rich plastic surgeon named Dr. Maccabee — into buying him a trip to Hawaii to swim with dolphins.

When Sandler’s character tells the boy no, the boy says something along the lines of, “But mom says you’re rich.”

Desperate for a Midterm Election Strategy, House Democrats Adopt Slogan That’s Anything But New

Less than four months before the 2018 midterm elections, House Democrats have come up with a surefire strategy to win over all those working-class voters who were uninspired by Hillary Clinton: a new slogan!

This is a new and exciting change from their last big idea a year ago, which was…[checks notes]…oh yes, also a new slogan.

2014 Probe Says Florida Police Chief Told Officers to “Solve” Crimes by Framing Innocent People

The Miami Herald reported last week that four officers — comprising one-third of the Biscayne Park police force — once told an outside investigator they were pressured to frame innocent people because their police chief was so determined to obtain a perfect crime-solving rate.

The investigation was ordered in 2014 by a Biscayne Park village manager after multiple officers contacted her.

Steven Crowder Confronts Journalist Over Her Unethical Reporting on Him and It Doesn’t Go Well for Her

Conservative comedian and commentator Steven Crowder has begun a new segment on his YouTube channel called “Crowder Confronts,” where he and his team will do what the mainstream media won’t, and actually call a person out for their slander or calls for violence where everyone can see it.

Too often, the media’s leftist bent will cause it to ignore things that a leftist or protected group would do, yet wouldn’t dream of allowing anyone on the right to get away with. One of the things it tends to ignore is the constant calls for violence against the right from the left.