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If You Can Believe It. Report: North Korea Says They’ve Succeeded In Developing Nuclear Weapons

A new report from Bloomberg’s North Korean government reporter says Pyongyang has developed nuclear weapons and…has no further plans to conduct ballistic missile tests.

After Years of Abuse, Is Michael Cohen Now in the Driver’s Seat?

This New York Times piece about the relationship between Donald Trump and his longtime “fixer,” Michael Cohen is probably one of the saddest things ever.

It also has the ring of truth.

The piece discusses the uncomfortable position Cohen finds himself in, and the question of his loyalty. Will he flip on Trump?

Amy Schumer, Alec Baldwin, and Other Leftist Celebrities Are Teaming Up to Fight the NRA…Again

Leftist Hollywood celebrities are once again coming together to do something about a right-leaning piece of America that they don’t like, or something. Whatever.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, Alyssa Milano, Amy Schumer, and Alec Baldwin are going to try to drag the kids from Parkland back into the spotlight that has drifted away from them in order to start an advocacy group whose main goal is to fight the National Rifle Association and its influence on American politics.

They call it the…wait for it…”NO Rifle Association.”