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That’s All Folks: Sinema Flips Arizona Senate Seat to Democrats

Kyrsten Sinema, the “Netroots Nation lefty,” Arizonian-mocking Democrat vying against the Republican ret. Air Force Col. Martha McSally, has managed to flip retiring Sen. Jeff Flake’s seat in the United States Senate.

While initial results last week had McSally ahead and projected to win, the near weeks’ long vote counting saw Sinema gaining on the colonel and finally surpassing her.

Election Fraud or Really, REALLY, Strange Coincidence (Again)?

The House race in Arizona between Democrat Kryten Sinema and her GOP challenger Martha McSally, the Governor’s race in Georgia between former GOP Secretary of State Brian Kemp and his Democrat challenger Stacey Abrams, and the madness again in Florida — land of the 2000 presidential election hanging chads — all looks very familiar, even to people who’s kneejerk reaction to allegations of electoral malfeasance is to scream, “conspiracy theorist!”

CNN Didn’t Have One Show In the Top 25 On the Cable News Ratings List

The results are in, and CNN isn’t looking so hot.

CNN is an internationally recognized name in news, yet not one of its shows could crack the top 25 in the ratings when compared to its rival networks MSNBC and Fox News.

Taking the most viewed programs, as usual, was Fox News with Hannity leading the pack with 3,064,000 followed by The Five at 2,745,000.