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Ben Rhodes says if we're gonna talk about Cuba's failures, we also have to talk about how much the US sucks

<![CDATA[Cuba’s on a lot of people’s minds lately, thanks to Democratic presidential frontrunner Bernie Sanders refusing to do anything but praise the brutal communist regime. But Ben Rhodes doesn’t think critics should be so quick to pounce on Bernie, because after all, the United States sucks plenty in its own right:]]>

'Gunning for VP slot'? Elizabeth Warren did NOT want to answer this question about Bernie Sanders (watch)

<![CDATA[Bernie Sanders is, at this point anyway, considered the frontrunner for the Democrat nomination. But just because that’s happening doesn’t mean some of the other candidates are eager to go after him. Elizabeth Warren is one such candidate:]]>

'Allow me to illuminate': Larry O'Connor gives Never Trump 'personalities' a dose of their own medicine in BRUTAL thread

<![CDATA[Never Trump is having sort of a rough go of it lately, especially since it looks more and more like Bernie Sanders may indeed win the Democratic nomination. Will these so-called ‘gatekeepers’  of conservatism really vote for a socialist just to dunk on Trump? Is giving up the country to a bunch of unhinged socialists a conservative value?]]>