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'#EpicFail': CNN's Jim Acosta sharing story about Trump and the bullying of kids backfires BIG TIME

<![CDATA[It’s 2020 and Trump is still president, which means Jim Acosta still feels that it’s still a dangerous time to tell the truth in America – but he’s moving forward undaunted. In this example, Acosta shared a Washington Post story about Trump and the bullying of kids:]]>

'Jefferson and Madison would be appalled': Ted Cruz delivers scathing blow to VA Dems for making Virginian's votes useless

<![CDATA[Virginia Dems just surrendered Virginia’s voice by passing legislation in the House of Delegates to give the winner of the popular vote Virginia’s electoral votes. Imagine being so petty and small that you’re willing to completely give your voters up because you hate Donald Trump just that much.]]>

'Clown AND a commie': Bernie Sanders' tone-deaf tweet about a 'tiny group having wealth and power' BACKFIRES in a big way

<![CDATA[Bernie Sanders is really pushing this whole ‘I’m just like you normal schmucks,’ thing really hard. We suppose when his entire campaign depends on vilifying successful people in this country who already pay the majority of taxes he needs to try and deflect from the fact that he’s ONE of the evil rich guys.]]>

Prosecutors seek nearly five years in prison for former Baltimore mayor over 'Healthy Holly' book scam

<![CDATA[This story really hasn’t gotten a lot of traction, but it really is something. If you missed Twitchy’s previous coverage, former Baltimore Mayor Catherine Pugh made a killing on sales of her self-published “Healthy Holly” children’s books; for example, she sold 100,000 copies at a total cost of $500,000 to the University of Maryland Medical System, on whose board she was sitting at the time. Also, the Maryland Automobile Insurance Fund puchased $7,500 worth of copies shortly before Pugh successfully sponsored legislation sought by the company.]]>

Rep. Maxine Waters: California should have more say in primary because of all the fancy parties in Beverly Hills

<![CDATA[We hate for anyone to have to listen to Rep. Maxine Waters speak, but you have to watch nearly to the end of this clip to hear her explain why California, which moved up its primary, should have more influence in the Democratic primary. You see, while some candidates are raising money from “thousands of millions” of donors, they’re also flying out to Beverly Hills for fancy parties where they rake in the real money. So if Hollywood is going to contribute so much to Democratic campaigns, why shouldn’t California have more influence?]]>

Donald Trump Jr. tracks down pro-Trump teen who was assaulted at New Hampshire polling site; Updated

<![CDATA[In the last few days we’ve reported on a guy who drove his van into a GOP voter registration tent and another Floridian who allegedly intimidated a group of pro-Trumpers with a sword cane, although he told police he didn’t mean to hurt anybody.]]>

Vox: New study shows you don't have to have fewer or no children because of climate change

<![CDATA[This study might have come too late for the man who wrote about having a vasectomy so as not to contribute to further warming of the planet by introducing more humans to it. And then there’s BirthStrike, the group of women in the U.K. who are “too scared to have kids, because of climate change.” In short, there has been no shortage of warnings that children contribute to climate change and it’s best to have none at all if you can help it.]]>

Report: DNC was 'intimately involved' with the development of the Iowa reporting app

<![CDATA[It took them a week, but the Iowa Democratic Party finally declared a winner. There was reportedly trouble with the app precincts were supposed to use to send the caucus results to headquarters, but when that failed, they reverted to phone calls. When word got out that the Buttigieg campaign had also paid Shadow, Inc., the company behind the app comprising a lot of former Hillary Clinton staffers, #MayorCheat started trending.]]>

WaPo: You might like Amy Klobuchar now, but if you start to doubt her, 'it will have everything to do with her being a woman'

<![CDATA[Amy Klobuchar surprised a lot of people with her performance in Iowa and New Hampshire, where she came in third behind Bernie Sanders and Pete Buttigieg, besting Elizabeth Warren and Joe Biden by a wide margin. That has Monica Hesse envisioning a female president, but she warns those who like Klobuchar now not to let their inner sexist win and vote for a man.]]>