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Conservative woman throttles Dems' pernicious anti-pharma narrative in must-read thread

<![CDATA[Democrats like AOC love to invoke “Big Pharma” as the ultimate embodiment of greed and evil, but do they actually know what Big Pharma does? They propose all sorts of legislation that would tie pharmaceutical companies’ hands, ostensibly to benefit consumers, but in reality, their success would drastically reduce quality of life for millions of Americans (and millions more around the world).]]>

Go figure! AP fact check finds Dem candidates 'distort coronavirus readiness' to score political points against Trump

<![CDATA[The field of Democrats running for that party’s presidential nomination has been saying plenty about the Trump administration and coronavirus preparedness, and Rep. Dan Crenshaw and Brit Hume are among those who have shared an AP fact check about how some Dems are distorting the truth:]]>

Man of the people Mike Bloomberg says this is why he's 'very popular,' but Donald Trump Jr. isn't buying it

<![CDATA[Man of the people Mike Bloomberg bragged at a CNN town hall last night that he knows he’s “very popular” because he – GET THIS – “”I shake the doorman’s hand first. Why? Because that doorman cares that Mike Bloomberg said hello to him…”:]]>

Ezra Klein admits nominating Bernie Sanders is a 'huge political risk' for Dems, but not because of his praise of Castro

<![CDATA[It’s not the creepy rape fantasy he wrote about or his praise of a murderous dictator’s literacy program that will sink Bernie Sanders according to Vox’s Ezra Klein, it’s that he will increase everyone’s taxes:]]>