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Just… WOW: Broward sheriff’s reaction to 534-94 no confidence vote is ‘arrogant beyond words’

Broward County Sheriff deputies, in a vote through their union, have expressed a big lack of confidence in Sheriff Scott Israel:

Another journalist seems upset that ‘Twitter troll’ Richard Grenell has been made an ambassador

Remember yesterday when a bunch of journalists like The New Yorker’s Jeffrey Toobin came forward with their support for Joy Reid after further homophobic posts had been unearthed from an archive of her old blog, and she claimed she was hacked?

We were reminded that we had to view the incident “through an intersectional lens,” seeing that Reid is one of the most important black female voices on TV.

RUH ROH: Recovered batch of anti-Trump FBI officials’ texts have been delivered to Congress

Texts previously released showed that former FBI agent Peter Strzok and FBI attorney Lisa Page were vehemently anti-Trump during a time they were also involved in a related investigation. It was also reported during the subsequent search that there were texts missing. However, those were recovered and now have been reportedly delivered to Congress:

WOW: Parkland school leaders looking into teacher who allegedly said Kyle Kashuv is ‘the next Hitler’

Earlier today, Twitchy reported that a Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School teacher allegedly told a class that Kyle Kashuv is an ass, the next Hitler and that something should be done about him.

This afternoon, news broke that school leaders from Broward County Public Schools will be looking into the incident:


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Sarah Huckabee Sanders posts photos of Mike Pompeo and Kim Jong Un’s Easter weekend meeting

The Washington Post last week revealed something rather extraordinary: then-CIA Director Mike Pompeo had made a top-secret trip to North Korea over Easter weekend to lay the groundwork for direct talks between Kim Jong Un and President Trump.

As of this writing, Pompeo is now Secretary of State, having been confirmed Thursday:

WAAAH! Brian Stelter triggers when Trump calls into Fox & Friends, babbles about ‘annals’ (then it just gets weird)

Trump called into Fox & Friends this morning which of course triggered a very easily triggered Brian Stelter who for some reason seems to take issue with most everything the president does, but got especially pis*y this morning when he dared to be interviewed on TV.

We don’t get it either but hey, he works for CNN, what can ya’ do?

PRIORITIES! Maybe Gov. Cuomo would change his tune if NRA members were in the US illegally

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo is up for re-election, and obviously he’s thinking that becoming a pro-sanctuary state hero of the Resistance will help with that effort:

BULLSH*T ALERT! Wait’ll you see why Media Matters WON’T boycott Joy Reid’s advertisers

We never thought this day would come, but Media Matters has finally found a homophobic transphobe they won’t boycott:

AWKWARD: The Root tries painting Kanye as a racist for supporting Trump, exposes their OWN racism

In yet another example of the Left losing its shiznit over Kanye coming out in support of Trump and some of his ideas (we saw your tweet, Kim, we hear you!), The Root shared a seriously pathetic and fairly racist piece about how Kanye doesn’t care about black people.


Apparently, when he agreed with them, he used to.

But not now.

Don’t look at us like that, we didn’t write this nonsense, we’re just making fun of it.