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It's funny because it's TRUE! Rob Schneider ZINGS Joe Biden about Nevada (and in general) as only HE can and it's hilariously PERFECT

<![CDATA[Imagine what SNL would do with Joe Biden if the show was still actually funny. Welp, if you read Rob Schneider’s tweet about Joe’s lackluster speech in Nevada you have a pretty good idea of how he and his ‘pack’ would have portrayed the former Vice President.]]>

Rep. Matt Gaetz appeared on The View and was so effective he is bound to be accused of mistreating women

<![CDATA[The ladies of the talk show The View frequently make it in the news – and here on Twitchy. Their inability to think in a pragmatic fashion before spouting incoherent and hilariously inaccurate content is forever a source of material, and we thank them.]]>