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'I'm rarely speechless': With violence spiking in Chicago, city's mayor deploys 'cowboy' to enforce... an accurate Census count

<![CDATA[There’s been a big spike in shootings and murders in the city of Chicago, but Mayor Lori Lightfoot isn’t losing sight of other duties, such as ensuring an accurate count for the U.S. Census. To accomplish that goal, Lightfoot has deployed a “cowboy”:]]>

'What a complete garbage answer': Janice Dean unimpressed with Gov. Andrew Cuomo accounting for nursing home deaths

<![CDATA[As Twitchy reported, a week ago New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo was touting a study by the Cuomo administration concluding that the governor’s order that nursing homes take in COVID-19 patients was not “a significant factor” in the state’s 6,200 nursing home deaths. It looks like the New York State Legislature would like to hear a little bit more about how the governor’s order affected nursing home deaths:]]>

Alyssa Milano calls for a national shutdown NOW, says to print cash to tide everyone over until…

<![CDATA[The debate over coronavirus lockdowns is beginning to heat up again now that summer’s here and the back-to-school season is just around the corner. On hearing that President Trump wants the schools open in the fall, the always thoughtful conservative opinion writer Jennifer Rubin tweeted that “now he wants to kill your kids.”]]>

Priorities: Mayor Bill de Blasio has already sent out a (really large) crew of city workers to 'fix' the Black Lives Matter mural

<![CDATA[As Twitchy reported earlier, there was a four-siren alert that someone had splashed red paint on the “V” in the Black Lives Mural that was painted in Manhattan in front of Trump Tower with help from Mayor Bill de Blasio and MSNBC’s Al Sharpton.]]>

No foul on anti-Semitism -- The NBA is making some curious decisions about the activist phrases it will allow on their custom jerseys

<![CDATA[There is so much going on in our world currently that is in flux and unfathomable it can be hard to hold fast to any assurances. It is our belief however there is at least one thing to count on – whenever they manage to begin playing professional sports again they are going to be insufferably infused with social activism.]]>

CNN boss announces in memo a 'new and expanded race team' and more permanent commitment to race coverage

<![CDATA[There’s really nothing we want from CNN, but if we had to pick something, it would be that the channel report the news. No more grandstanding by Jim Acosta, no more lectures from Don Lemon, no more giant Q-Tips or fake resurrection videos from Chris Cuomo, and no more hall monitoring of Fox News by Brian Stelter and Oliver Darcy. Just tell us what happened, if that’s too much to ask.]]>

'Please, not this again': ABC News wants you to meet the COVID-19 doctors on the front lines for a second time

<![CDATA[We were all assured that a second wave of the coronavirus was coming, and with the number of infected rising across the nation, medical professionals and others on the front lines are preparing. We’ve seen lawn signs on the front lawns of health care providers calling them heroes, and they certainly have received their fair share of media attention, so now it’s also time for the second wave of news pieces about them. Actually, ABC News tweeted this under their “Politics” banner, so take from that what you will.]]>

Is it vandalism or a form of protest? Black Lives Matter mural in front of Trump Tower splashed with red paint

<![CDATA[As Twitchy told you last week, New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio and grifter Al Sharpton were both on hand to help paint a giant yellow “Black Lives Matter” mural on Fifth Avenue right in front of Trump Tower in Manhattan. De Blasio said they were “liberating” the street. (The mural is similar to that on a street in Brooklyn, which de Blasio turned into a pedestrian walkway, rerouting cars and city buses apparently to preserve the art.)]]>

'Dems still don't get it': Sen. Mazie Hirono says Trump uses divisive rhetoric to appeal to his base of supporters who are white supremacists [video]

<![CDATA[Because the “deplorables” approach worked out so well for the Democrats in the previous presidential election, it looks like they’re going to keep going back to that well. Democrat Sen. Mazie Hirono showed other Dems how it’s done on MSNBC today:]]>