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‘Boom, roasted!’ Ben Carson fires back HARD after Ilhan Omar says he might not be ‘fully awake’

Secretary of Housing and Urban Development Ben Carson had an exchange during a congressional hearing that Rep. Ilhan Omar attempted to mock:

[‘Law & Order’ theme] Ice-T says he almost shot an Amazon worker delivering a package

Law & Order” actor Ice-T reports that he almost shot a not-in-uniform Amazon worker delivering a package to his home:

Trump tells Pelosi & Schumer enough with the ‘phony investigations’ (and their response is laughable)

Earlier today, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi came out and accused President Trump of “engaging in a cover-up”:

‘Total lack of self-awareness, illustrated’: Gavin Newsom’s ‘homelessness task force’ in Calif. sends heads CRASHING to desks

The problem of homelessness is out of control in many areas of California, and Gov. Gavin Newsom said he plans to do something about it:

DISGUSTING: Stacey Abrams KNEECAPS Louisiana’s Dem governor over his pro-life views

During a party for Run For Something in D.C. on Tuesday, failed Georgia gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams absolutely kneecapped Lousiana’s Dem Gov. John Bel Edwards over his pro-life.

I’m a little annoyed with the governor of Louisiana,” she said. “They’ve made some dodgy choices with abortion recently.”

Giant red umbrella triggers 911 call to the NYPD to stop a woman dressed in a ‘Handmaid’s Tale’ costume from jumping off a building

Well, they do say “if you see something, say something.” In this case, the “something” turned out to be a giant red umbrella and not a woman dressed up as a character from the “Handmaid’s Tale” getting ready to jump off a building in New York City.

On the left, a photo of the suspected woman in a Handmaid’s Tale costume, on the right, a photo from the NYPD and the “jumper”:

MSNBC economic analyst shows how Trump will win in 2020 (or not)

Wow. This is some *powerful* information via MSNBC economic analyst and former Obama car czar Steven Rattner. So Trump is either going to win or lose the 2020 election? Really? That’s a bold prediction.

What’s even better, however, is that the first 2 charts actually show Trump winning the election so he went out and found a third one to make sure Joe Biden, who isn’t even the nominee, wins.

Chart 1: “Yale prof Ray Fair’s model accurately predicted Obama’s wins in 2008 and 2012, in part because of the incumbency factor.”