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VICE reveals the left’s path to victory: owning people online

OK, here’s the thing: we actually read VICE’s piece, and it’s really just more praise heaped on Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez for being social media savvy and shooting a viral campaign video that she scripted herself, hence “owning” opponent Joe Crowley online.

That said, VICE was just asking for it with this tweet:

The latest in TDS ‘art’: Trump having his throat slashed and … well, you’ll see

Trump Derangement Syndrome might be a new discovery for the Associated Press, but the rest of us have been well aware of it for quite a long time.

It seems that celebrities and “artists” are more susceptible than most to contracting TDS, and Newsweek reports this week on a Portland art gallery with a decal of President Trump having his throat slashed stuck on the front window.

The ACLU makes its ‘pro-liberty case’ for further restrictions on gun ownership

We’ve already seen plenty of wits on Twitter argue that guns should be banned because they infringe on other people’s right to life. Look, here’s one now:

Bureaucracy at work: Has Canada lost track of 50,000 Syrian refugees?

Remember right after President Donald Trump was inaugurated and mobs of protesters packed JFK International in New York and other airports to protest the new administration’s so-called “Muslim ban?” Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was quick to welcome any and all refugees to head just a little bit further north.

Puh-LEEZE! Word used to describe Michelle Obama’s new voter registration initiative overheats BS detectors

Beverage warning! There’s a word in this Politico tweet that might make you ruin your computer if you’re drinking something while reading it. OK, here we go:

So much for ‘SCANDAL-FREE’! Look what ELSE was allegedly going on while Barack Obama was in office

Well, this is disturbing, to say the least:

‘Not even remotely true’: Bogus tweet on impeachment for treason racks up more than 20,000 likes

Here’s some wishful thinking that might even back up Scott Dworkin’s hope that Hillary Clinton will just “take over” and deal with Vladimir Putin once and for all. What, did she fix the translation on that “reset button?”

Here’s how it works: If President Trump is impeached for treason, then Vice President Mike Pence and all civil officers will be removed from office too, clearing the decks for President Hillary.