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Report: 'Several' Senate Democrats considering a John Bolton-for-Hunter Biden witness trade

<![CDATA[We’re not sure about this report coming out of the Washington Post — “several” Senate Democrats are privately mulling a witness trade in the Donald Trump impeachment trial? They’re willing to put the son of their party’s frontrunner in the 2020 election under oath before the Republican-majority Senate in exchange for testimony from John Bolton? And they’re doing this privately, but not so privately that it could leak to the press?]]

'Worst ad ever': Joe Biden's campaign wants you to pour a drink and hear what really happened in Ukraine

<![CDATA[Andrew Bates, rapid response director for Joe Biden’s campaign, wants you to grab yourself a beer and sit a spell while he spins the tale of what really happened in Ukraine. It’s kind of nice of him to take the time, seeing as Biden himself will just call you fat and challenge you to push-ups if you ask him about it. In short, it was a good thing Bates got himself a drink first before taking this on.]]

Rep. Adam Schiff says the House is ready to present its case, once the Senate calls witnesses

<![CDATA[CNN analyst and amateur clown Joe Lockhart made it clear Tuesday morning that Twitter should investigate Sen. Ted Cruz because one of his aids likely sent out a tweet while Cruz was in lockdown at the Senate impeachment trial. “Did he sneak a phone in. Is he willing to go to prison?” Lockhart asked, seriously.]]

Puerto Rico's Secretary of State confirms that there are even more warehouses full of unused aid

<![CDATA[As Twitchy reported Saturday, Puerto Rico’s governor fired the island’s emergency manager after video went viral of a warehouse of unused aid from Hurricane Maria in 2017. Of course, liberals had tried to tie the Puerto Rican suffering to President Trump, just as they blamed George W. Bush for Hurricane Katrina, while hundreds of school buses meant for evacuation sat submerged in water, thanks for Mayor Ray Nagin.]]

'Work of art': NRSC puts out powerful video of Democrats' impeachment push from Day 1

<![CDATA[Hours before the Senate convened to begin President Trump’s impeachment trial, the National Republican Senatorial Committee put out a video showing what so many supercuts how demonstrated before: Democrats insisted that Trump would never become president, and when he shocked them by winning, they and started talking about impeachment immediately after the election.]]

That's more like it! CNN chief political analyst Gloria Borger just coined 'another excellent nickname' for Mitch McConnell [video]

<![CDATA[As Twitchy told you earlier, the Resistance recently unveiled a new nickname for Mitch McConnell: “Midnight Mitch.” Pretty lame compared to the likes of “Cocaine Mitch” and “The Grim Reaper,” right? But CNN chief political analyst Gloria Borger may have redeemed them somewhat with this one:]]