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WATCH: NYPD searching for this man who kicked a 78-year-old woman in the face on a crowded subway train in the Bronx where NOBODY helped her

A disturbing video is going viral showing a man kicking an elderly woman multiple times in the face while the two ride on a crowded NYC subway train. What’s even worse is that nobody on the train does anything to help the woman getting attacked.


Carter Page and Jerome Corsi take a victory lap as the media reports no more Mueller indictments

As we told you earlier, the Mueller report is in and the MSM is reporting there will be no further indictments, at least as it relates to Russian interference in the 2016 election. Jerome Corsi, take a bow . . . you just beat Robert Mueller:

‘OMG are those TEARS’?! Rep. Eric Swalwell just basically had a total MELTDOWN over the Mueller report on CNN (watch)

Rep. Eric Swalwell was already on CNN being interviewed by Wolf Blitzer about the Muller Nothingburger … wait … sorry, the Mueller Report and golly gee whiz, he didn’t seem like a happy camper.

In fact, we think it’s fairly safe to say he seemed pretty upset.

MARCH MADNESS? Robert Mueller has officially delivered his report on Russian interference in the 2016 election to AG William Barr; Update

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