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BINGO! Dan Bongino finds it ‘kinda unbelievable’ what Rep. Adam Schiff continues to pursue in spite of already having been ‘completely humiliated’

Rep. Adam Schiff spent years pushing the Democrats’ “Russia collusion” narrative, but that’s now fizzled, and the California Democrat is on to a new narrative:

CNN: New museum will challenge the prevailing stigma surrounding vulvas and vaginas

CNN somehow thought this was important, perhaps because thanks to its efforts, vulvas and vaginas will finally — finally — be destigmatized. True, “The Vagina Monologues” broke new ground in this field, and the pussy hats at the Women’s March (though not trans-inclusive) were a major step forward. But now there’s a vagina museum in London.

Andrew Yang says people should be free to do what they want … generally speaking

As Twitchy reported, the Democratic candidates for president, including Andrew Yang, are all campaigning on climate change (what with CNN and MSNBC both setting up marathon town halls on the subject), and Yang hasn’t been shy about saying that government has to do something about Americans’ diets, including weaning them off beef, under his administration by pricing it out of consumers’ reach by adding in the

Forum moderator found it ‘a little condescending’ to be called ‘sweetheart’ by Joe Biden

The whole neck-nuzzling and hair-sniffing thing became such a distraction that Joe Biden actually put out a video explaining his behavior and promising not to do it anymore … and for the most part, Biden has kept his nose out of women’s hair on the campaign trail.

However, Vox is throwing him under the bus for calling a woman “sweetheart.”

‘Richly deserved’: Stephen Gutowski named ‘Gun Rights Defender of the Year’

Any of you regular Twitchy readers know that The Free Beacon’s Stephen Gutowski is one of the few reporters (along with Emily Miller and our own Cam Edwards over at Bearing Arms) who actually knows what he’s talking about when he writes about guns — he’s living proof that yes, you can be a gun-rights enthusiast and work in journalism, and not be some clown TV station showing clips of full-auto rifles when

Rep. Ilhan Omar tweets a climate change ‘summoning circle’ for Friday’s #ClimateStrike

Friday was the day for students (and adults with free time on their hands) to protest inaction against climate change, with the untouchable teen sensation Greta Thunberg gathering with protesters in front of the White House.

We don’t know if Rep. Ilhan Omar walked off the job, but she did find the time to tweet a “summoning circle,” most likely from her air-conditioned office she was driven to.


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Summoning circle.
Hope this works!


‘Amen!!!’ Kristy Swanson prefers this profile of courage to Christine Blasey Ford

As Twitchy reported early this week, flailing Democratic presidential candidate Amy Klobuchar thought she’d try to get some mileage out of that New York Times hit piece on Justice Brett Kavanaugh by posting a photo of what real courage looks like, and the backlash was savage.

‘Isn’t that exactly what Democrats do?’ David Axelrod’s description of how Trump operates rings a lot of bells

With the whistleblower story still very much in the news and Dems using those reports as yet another reason to call for Trump’s impeachment as Joe Biden got angry at a reporter for asking him about his son’s overseas business, former Obama adviser David Axelrod accused Trump of concocting and pushing conspiracy theories: