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James O’Keefe strikes again! Watch this GAO employee admit, ‘I break rules every day’

Part III of James O’Keefe’s “Deep State Unmasked” series is out, this time catching GAO auditor Natarajan Subramanian explain how he does work for the Democratic Socialists of America while at this taxpayer-financed job and how those in the Executive Branch help to slow down the Trump agenda:

DANG! ABC News’ Matthew Dowd just comes right out and calls Clarence Thomas a sexual predator

Matthew Dowd, who’s one of those independents who always seems to side with the Democrats, apparently just doesn’t give a damn anymore, because he’s doing nothing short of calling Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas a sexual predator.

Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand says ‘forcing’ Christine Blasey Ford into a sham hearing is ‘silencing her’

We’ve already done one post today on Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand and her hot takes on Republicans refusing to take Dr. Christine Blasey Ford’s sexual misconduct allegations against Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh seriously and referring to her invitation to testify Monday before the Senate Judiciary Committee as “a sham hearing.”

Hmm … now look at who’s questioning the results of the 2016 election (again)

Hillary Clinton is trying to shift a few more copies of “What Happened,” her 512-page rundown of all the reasons she lost the 2016 election, by tacking on a new afterword taking into account “what we’ve learned since it was published.”

And as Twitchy reported, Clinton also teased some of her solutions to the problem of her not winning, including abolishing the Electoral College.

‘It’s … it’s insane’! Chuck Grassley’s request of Dianne Feinstein raises some major red flags

This afternoon, the Senate Judiciary Committee released another scorcher of a letter from chair Chuck Grassley to Dianne Feinstein:

‘We’re done here’: Christine Blasey Ford’s lawyer isn’t doing her client any favors with this statement

If Christine Blasey Ford’s lawyers are doing the utmost to help their client, they really could’ve fooled us. Here’s the latest statement from one of Ford’s lawyers, Lisa Banks:

‘Get a hammer, you jack*ass’! Lawrence O’Donnell is flat-out LYING about Kavanaugh-Ford; UPDATED

As Twitchy told you earlier, Lawrence O’Donnell affirmed his belief in Brett Kavanaugh’s guilt, proclaiming that “people who make up stories don’t ask the FBI to investigate those stories”: