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When having as bad of a week as Ilhan Omar the last thing you do is quote conspiracy kooks — and yet that is what she did


As weeks go it has not been the best for the lightning-rod-of-Congress, Ilhan Omar. She fell for Trump’s provocation and got into a beef with Nancy Pelosi. She came off as ridiculous while sitting in with Rachael Maddow, has sounded childish in claims of racism, and her bid for impeaching the President has been one big fizzle. Then Trump dropped the soundbite about Omar’s possible extensive perjury issues. It has been a tough one for the Rep. from Minnesota — and it is still only Thursday.

Jake Tapper’s ‘candid’ conversation with House Dems about the Squad suggests a battle royale is coming

Just in case it weren’t already clear that the Democrats are complete and utter disarray, check out this thread from Jake Tapper:

PJ Media editor promises new ‘smoking gun’ evidence on Rep. Ilhan Omar’s past

You might have noticed that we at Twitchy shy away from using tweets claiming Rep. Ilhan Omar married her brother when we do posts about her, not that we don’t run across them by the hundreds. As Seth Mandel has tweeted Wednesday night, there’s plenty to criticize about Omar without handing progressives another “conspiracy theory.”

The Minneapolis Star-Tribune has sort of teased the idea but never really produced the evidence; but now, David Steinberg, New York City editor of Twitchy sister-site PJ Media, is promising a smoking gun this week.


Uh-oh! Thanks to pro-BDS Ilhan Omar, Nancy Pelosi may have to introduce a resolution against herself [video]

As Twitchy told you earlier, anti-Semitic Democratic Rep. Ilhan Omar stopped just shy of shouting her anti-Semitism from the rooftops by going all in for the BDS movement, likening Israel to Nazi Germany and equating it to Hamas (who, unlike Israel, she has refused to outright condemn):

‘It gets worse’: Yahoo’s demented hit job on Chris Pratt also dragged veterans’ charity through the mud

As Twitchy told you yesterday, Yahoo! Entertainment did their damnedest to create a controversy out of Chris Pratt wearing a Gadsden Flag t-shirt. As evidence of the backlash against Pratt’s “white supremacist” clothing, writer Hanna Flint cited … a handful tweets. Some backlash, right?

Well, as it turns out, Yahoo! eventually got the backlash they were looking for: