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Gov.-Elect Walz’ Gas Tax Hike Plan Faces Opposition

Gov.-elect Tim Walz continues to express support for raising Minnesota’s gas tax to better address the state’s infrastructure and transit needs, but some policy observers want lawmakers to put the brakes on the idea.

Walz, a Democrat, emphasized the issue during the midterm election campaign by suggesting that Minnesotans need to have an honest discussion about more funding for long-term projects such as bridges and roads.

Report: Basic Income Disincentivizes Work

The idea of providing what’s called a “Basic Income” for low-income individuals funded by the government is not new. But it’s a concept that has been gaining traction in the media, higher education, Congress and elsewhere.

A Basic Income, or basic living stipend, is given to citizens as a regular cash payment using taxpayer money, explains. It is unconditional, has no means test, and can be implemented nationally, regionally or locally.

History Repeating? Pennsylvania May Again Be Looking at State Budget Deficit, IFO Reports

Pennsylvania’s Independent Fiscal Office is pretty much what it sounds like—an agency outside the Treasurer’s Office and the Department of Revenue tasked with taking an unbiased view of the state’s financial picture.

The IFO, staffed with economists and analysts, releases dry, analytical reports designed to help guide lawmakers to make good policy decisions. IFO reports are generally not prone to making inflammatory remarks.

California Agency Took Nine Years to Create Fire Map

The California state agency charged with overseeing utility companies took nine years to develop a consistent statewide map designating areas at high risk for destructive power-line fires.

Seven of those years took place during outgoing Gov. Jerry Brown’s time in office and six were during the tenure of a president of a key state agency who resigned after a series of leadership scandals.