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Administration, Pro-Life Groups Declare Victory at Supreme Court

The Trump administration and pro-life activists hailed the Supreme Court’s decision to overturn a California law that forced pregnancy centers to steer women to abortionists.

The High Court ruled the state burdened the free speech rights of pro-life centers by mandating that they post notices providing pregnant women with information about obtaining abortions. Clarence Thomas and four other Republican-appointed justices said such notices were “government-scripted, speaker-based disclosure requirement … wholly disconnected from the State’s informational interest.”

Trump Administration Working to Ban All Iranian Oil Exports

Trump administration officials have been engaged in a global effort with international partners to choke off all Iranian oil exports and further squeeze the Islamic Republic’s economy as protestors swarm the streets to express anger over the regime’s continued support for global terror groups.

Senior Trump administration officials have been working overtime in Europe and Asia to gather support for its push to enforce harsh sanctions on Iran in a reversal of the Obama administration’s efforts to spark investment in Iran, particularly its oil sector.

Trump Admin-Tied Group Presents Plan for Israeli-Palestinian Peace

A think-tank with close ties to the Trump administration is circulating on Capitol Hill and elsewhere a new comprehensive plan on how the White House can foster Israeli-Palestinian peace following President Trump’s landmark decision to relocate the U.S. embassy in Israel to the country’s capital city of Jerusalem, according to a copy of the plan viewed by the Washington Free Beacon.

Mattis to Meet Senior Chinese Military, Political Leaders

BEIJING—Defense Secretary Jim Mattis arrived in China on Tuesday for talks with China’s most senior political and military leaders.

“Hopefully we can make some progress,” Mattis said aboard an Air Force E-4 jumbo jet that arrived in Beijing’s main airport after an 11-hour flight from Alaska.

The defense secretary will hold talks with two senior Chinese generals in charge of the People’s Liberation Army after a welcoming ceremony Wednesday at the Chinese Defense Ministry.

The Right to Choose (to be Pro-Life)

Pro-life pregnancy centers should not be forced to steer pregnant women to abortion clinics, according to the Supreme Court.

The High Court said a California law that threatened massive fines against crisis pregnancy centers unless they gave their customers information about obtaining abortions likely violates the First Amendment. Many of those centers are religious charities and sued the state alleging that lawmakers were compelling them to advocate practices they found objectionable. The 5-4 majority agreed, saying the law violated their constitutional right to free speech.