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MSNBC, CNN Spreads False Impression that Trump Called Immigrants ‘Animals’

A CNN news anchor and three MSNBC guests spread the false impression on the air that President Donald Trump referred to immigrants as “animals” last week.

The confusion stemmed from an unverified Twitter user identified as Mark Elliott, who tweeted out a short clip of Trump Friday and accused him of referring to asylum seekers by the insulting moniker.

Trump Admin Undoes Another Obama Policy, Blocks MLB from Paying Cuba’s Baseball Federation

The Trump administration has reversed an Obama-era policy which stated Cuba’s baseball federation was separate from the country’s government, and has blocked Major League Baseball from signing players directly from the Communist nation to play in the United States.

U.S. Still Permitting Iran to Engage in Sensitive Nuke Work at Onetime Weapons Sites

The State Department has quietly permitted Tehran to continue conducting sensitive nuclear work, including at a secretive military site that once housed the Islamic Republic’s weapons program, despite Secretary of State Mike Pompeo’s demand that all such work cease last year.

Swalwell Announces Presidential Bid: I’m a ‘Leader Who Is Willing to Go Big’

Rep. Eric Swalwell (D., Calif.) announced Monday he’s joining the crowded field of Democratic candidates running for president during an interview on The Late Show.

Late night host Stephen Colbert noted Swalwell’s over-the-top criticism of President Donald Trump—including that the president is a Russian agent—and asked what he’ll do to oppose him. Swalwell lamented the lack of leadership and expressed his goal to change things.