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Flashback: Chris Matthews Praised Reid’s ‘Guts’ in Ending Judicial Filibuster

MSNBC host Chris Matthews reacted to the retirement of Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy by saying it would be unacceptable for Republicans to confirm a nominee with only a bare majority, but in 2013 he cheered then-Sen. Majority Leader Harry Reid’s (D.) decision to do away with the filibuster for judicial vacancies.

GOP Senator: Longstanding U.S. Alliance With Turkey ‘Slipping Away’

Sen. James Lankford (R., Okla.) warned Wednesday the longstanding alliance between the United States and Turkey is crumbling amid President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s pivot to Russia and ongoing detention of an American pastor.

In a nod to Erdogan’s crackdown on civil society in the wake of the country’s failed military coup in 2016, Lankford said the NATO ally can no longer be considered open or free as its government trends toward authoritarianism.

MSNBC Analyst: ‘If You’re Not a Straight White Male,’ Kennedy Retirement Probably Has You ‘Freaking Out’

An MSNBC legal analyst and attorney said Thursday the prospect of a conservative majority on the Supreme Court should worry everyone who is not a heterosexual, white man.

During a discussion about Justice Anthony Kennedy’s pending retirement, lawyer Midwin Charles argued conservative justices in the Court pose a threat to the legality of abortion, affirmative action, and gay marriage. Adding another in Kennedy’s place could be catastrophic, she argued.

Bernie Sanders on 2016 Election: ‘In Many Ways We Did Win’

On the day Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy announced his retirement and left a seat for Republicans to fill, Sen. Bernie Sanders (I., Vt.) said, “in many ways we did win the [2016] election.”

In 2016, Sanders ran in the Democratic Party’s presidential primary and lost to Hillary Clinton, whom he endorsed despite painting her as a corrupt member of the political establishment. Clinton then lost to Donald Trump, but Sanders expressed positivity at a book party event Thursday.