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State Department Still Says Golan Heights Belongs to Syria

The State Department’s official foreign policy manual continues to list the Golan Heights area as being owned by Syria as recently as Tuesday, despite President Donald Trump’s recent declaration affirming Israel’s right to the territory, which sits along its northern border and has been the source of multiple terrorist attacks.

Calif. Rep. T.J. Cox Wants ‘Thank You’ For Nonprofit Hit By Scathing Audit

California Democratic representative T.J. Cox broke several weeks of silence on an audit from February that blasted a nonprofit for which he served as treasurer, with the congressman seemingly irritated when suggesting there’s been a lack of gratitude for what the nonprofit has done.

Cox’s victory last November over incumbent Republican Rep. David Valadao wasn’t decided until weeks after Election Day, and was won by less than a thousand votes, suggesting his hold on the seat is likely tenuous in a district in California’s San Joaquin Valley.