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Pro-Greenfield ‘Small Biz Owner’ Is Actually A Dem Official

Senate contender Theresa Greenfield is out with a new ad featuring the praise of a local “small business owner” who is in reality a longtime Democratic activist and former elected official.

In the ad, former Des Moines City Council member and Democratic donor Loretta Sieman calls criticism of Greenfield’s business record “flat-out false.”

NYT Quietly Scrubs Chinese Propaganda

The New York Times quietly deleted hundreds of advertorials that the Chinese Communist Party paid to publish on its website.

A Times spokeswoman told the Washington Free Beacon that the move is a reflection of a decision to stop accepting ads from state-run media. ”We made the decision at the beginning of this year to stop accepting branded content ads from state run media, which includes China Daily,” she said.

ANALYSIS: Trump Humiliates ‘Fake News’ Axios Reporter in Physically Dominant Interview Performance

MINSK — Folks! I am currently en route to [redacted] to attend a happy hour honoring the birthdays of Muslim icons Yasser Arafat and Barack Obama but was compelled to weigh in on the so-called viral interview between President Donald J. Trump and Jonathan Swan, the chief “fake news” reporter for Axios, a remedial blog for people with short attention spans.