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Hasselblad X1D II For Landscape Photography

My college graduation present from my parents was a Mamiya 6 rangefinder. I loved that camera. It offered the image quality of medium format film but in a hand-friendly, rangefinder-style body rather than the boxy form factor of most medium format cameras.

The Mamiya 6 had its limitations. There were only three lenses available, and rangefinders can be more difficult to use when you’re trying for a precise crop in-camera. But the extra detail captured by the medium format frame made the trade-offs worth it for me.

In The Neighborhood: Wildlife Photography Near You

Spring officially arrived at my home in Parker, Colorado, the other day. I knew this because I heard my first house wren of the year. This tiny bird, with its wonderful, melodious and happy bubbling song, is a true harbinger of spring where I live. The bird, a male, sat in my garden and trilled a happy good morning for all to hear. I grabbed my camera and telephoto zoom and decided to start the new season out with some photography.