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What does Bonhoeffer have to do with this election?

Regarding comments I’ve made during this very difficult election, let me explain that I have only mentioned Bonhoeffer with regard to this election in response to those who have brought him into the conversation. Some have drawn what I think wrong and irresponsible parallels between the fascism of the National Socialists and the current GOP candidate. As the author of a book on the subject of the former, I thought these parallels understandable, but seriously mistaken.

Have you heard the Eric Metaxas Show? Highlights Ahead!

As most of you know, for the last eight weeks I’ve been hosting a national radio show! We’re on 300 stations across the country and tons of people are listening from around the world too — via podcasts and I’ve talked to so many fun and interesting people on a huge variety of subjects. Some highlights include:

My Radio Show starts Monday! Here’s the list of stations and all my guests!

My nationally-syndicated radio program starts Monday — broadcasting coast-to-coast from the Empire State Building! Go to for a list of ALL of the stations/affiliates carrying the show! I’m thrilled to be on in New York City and Peoria! I’d like to think that says it all.

This really will be the show “about everything”! To prove that, my first week’s guests include: