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High stakes as 2-month sprint to Election Day begins

WASHINGTON — Control of Congress and the future of Donald Trump’s presidency are on the line as the primary season closes this week, jump-starting a two-month sprint to Election Day that will test Democrats’ ability to harness opposition to Trump and determine whether the Republican president can get his supporters to the polls.

For both parties, the stakes are exceedingly high.

Maine auto racing roundup: Matchett wins feature race, but Robinson claims season title at Speedway 95

HERMON, Maine — Kris Matchett of Skowhegan and J.R. Robinson of Steuben both were among the winners on Saturday night at Speedway 95.

Matchett won the Hopkins Landscaping and Paving series Late Model finale, but Robinson, whose car was knocked out of contention after an accident on the 52nd lap, emerged as the season points leader in that division.

Maine lobster exports to China fell steeply in July as Trump trade war intensified

Exports of live lobsters to China from Maine plummeted in July, the same month China imposed 25 percent retaliatory tariffs against the United States in an escalating trade war between the two economic superpowers.

The value of live lobsters exported fell 64 percent this July from July 2017, according to WISERTrade, an international trade data firm. Nationally, lobster exports decreased 28 percent in value in July 2018 compared to the previous July.

This Maine man photographed red hot dogs every week for a year. Here’s why.

PORTLAND, Maine — Photographer Jere DeWaters laughs a lot when you talk with him.

It could be about his backyard tomatoes or the details of printmaking in a darkroom. The subject doesn’t seem to matter. It’s not a cynical snort or knowing snigger, either. DeWaters roars, his head tilted back, face beaming.

Bangor Publishing Co. shutters Presque Isle printing press, citing rising costs

Bangor Publishing Co. will soon close its printing press in Presque Isle and consolidate its printing in Lewiston, where it has printed the majority of its papers since 2013, at a facility owned by MaineToday.

The closure of the Presque Isle press, operated by Northeast Publishing, will affect the BDN as well as its weekly newspapers, including the Aroostook Republican and News, the Houlton Pioneer Times, the Piscataquis Observer, the Star-Herald and the St. John Valley Times, according to BDN President Todd Benoit.

Sept. 11, a day of remembrance and resilience

As we mark the 17th anniversary of the Sept. 11 attacks on the World Trade Center and Pentagon, terrorism remains a major focus of the United States and the world.

Extremist Muslim factions are as deadly as ever, spreading their murderous reach through new, dispersed, means around the world. How best to confront these forces remains a divisive debate. But, as we’ve seen after other attacks, the United States is not a country built on fear or condemnation of others. We are also not a country that isolates itself from the world’s problems.

Labor unions back new referendum if Brexit deal unacceptable

U.K. labor unions voted for a campaign against any Brexit deal reached by Prime Minister Theresa May that fails to address the needs of working people — with a referendum central to their strategy for the fight.

The motion, backed overwhelmingly by the Trades Union Congress’ annual meeting in Manchester on Monday, says the Conservative government is not “capable” of “delivering a Brexit deal that will work for ordinary people.”